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Summary: Tok'ra team member of SG-1

Nima and Kelmar

Gender: Female

Age: 25 (Nima) 128 (Kelmar)

Group: Tok'ra

Nationality/Home Planet




SG Team Designation (SG, AR, DR)


Physical Appearance

Nima is a young woman with dark hair.


Nima is smart and determined, yet tends to take things seriously. Kelmar is wise and laid back. The two tend to clash in terms of personality, an odd trait for a Tok'ra. Kelmar believes that they are two halves of a whole, and that they balance one another out.


Kelmar has spent most of her life operating as a spy within the Goa'uld ranks. After the war Kelmar turned her attention to helping expand the Tok'ra's numbers. One such was was finding more hosts for Tok'ra symbiotes. Kelmar helped found The Crucible, a school for those who wish to become hosts to Tok'ra. It was here Kelmar met Nima.

Nima was a lowly peasant girl living a dull life as a farmer, yet she yearned to learn and become more. When the Tok'ra came to her world offering a chance at a new life she eagerly joined. The two became blended when Kelmar's former host died of old age.

The two eventually encountered SG-1 during a mission. Kelmar was the one to insist they join.


Main Firearm: FN P90
Secondary weapon: Zat'nik'tel
Backup weapons: Tok'ra daggers


Nima and Kelmar often differ in opinions. Nima is more "by-the-book" whereas Kelmar is more of a maverick. The two will often argue on the best course of action during a situation.

Kelmar has a far better sense of humor than Nima. If she's laughing, best bet it's Kelmar.

Kelmar has a bit of a sweet tooth, much to Nima's chagrin.

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Image of Nima and Kelmar
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