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Summary: Member of SG-1, tech specialist

Nora Greene

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Group: Stargate Command

Nationality/Home Planet




SG Team Designation (SG, AR, DR)


Physical Appearance

A small, mousy young woman.


Timid and socially inept. Nora is not the first person you'd expect to be on a SG team. However her proficiency with alien technology is on par with the likes of Rodney McKay and Samantha Carter. While she says she prefers the safety of her lab, she does prove invaluable in the field as well.


Somewhat of a child prodigy, Nora managed to skip numerous grades in school and spent her late teens earning her doctorates in theoretical physics and engineering. Her initial desire was to work for NASA, building space probes and even possibly, space ships.

However the Air Force took notice of her and, upon earning her doctorates, hired her for work on the latest F-304 vessels. She soon took an interest in alien technology, particularly that of the Ancients, and was on the fast track to joining the Atlantis expedition. However, during a test flight of the latest 304, the Lucian Alliance attacked and forced the vessel down onto an alien planet. SG-1 was sent via stargate to rescue them, where Nora impressed Lt. Col Miller with her knowledge. He eventually offered her a position on his team .


FN P90
Beretta 92FS
Ancient Scanner
Reading Glasses


Nora has zero confidence in herself. She is prone to self-deprecating humor and outright calls herself a coward. Despite this, she will exhibit bravery in the face of great danger (though she will hesitate before jumping into danger initially) and is quite competent when it comes to science and technology.

She is terrible in combat. She currently holds the worst score at the SGC gun range. Reportedly, she managed to somehow shoot the person in the booth next to her.

She is a huge nerd, often referencing Star Trek and Star Wars and is the SGC's resident Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master.

She is a vegetarian.

She isn't a people person, and tends to be terrible at conversation. Either stammering or saying something embarrassing.

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