Beginnings (Part 2)

Miller stood in the briefing room. Soon three people entered, his team. The new SG-1. Major West was the first, a seasoned soldier and a demolitions expert. Miller knew him somewhat from various missions in the Pegasus Galaxy. Then there was Major Timur Morozov, a Russian and skilled combat engineer with special training in Ancient technology, and lastly Master Sergeant Stella "Tequila" Villalobos, a skilled scout and sniper.

They all saluted, thanked Miller for selecting them, and exchanged handshakes and greetings. Soon, it didn't take long for Landry to arrive with the new SG-1's orders.

"The planet is P4C-187. Known as Hevastus to the Tok'ra and Jaffa. We've been getting reports of some sort of mining operation going on."

"Lucian Alliance?" Miller asked.

"We don't know. All we know is that a number of people have been enslaved to work this mine. I suggest you take SG-1 and investigate."

Miller nodded and the team went off to grab their gear. Sometime later, Miller stood in front of the stargate, and he couldn't help but feel a swell of pride and excitement. His first time through the stargate as a member of SG-1. A small smile began to form.

"Colonel? What's with the smirk?" Tequila asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just... you know..."

"I do, actually," Tequila smiled. "This is quite a moment."

"We shouldn't waste time," Morozov said, "Mission comes first."

The gate activated, and the team stepped through. On the other side they were met with a vast, scorching desert. A harsh wind blasted them in the face with heat and sand. Miller winced and looked to West.

"A bit windy, huh?" Miller said.

"No kidding." West replied.

"Intel said the mine was few clicks east of the stargate." Tequila said.

"Alright, let's get moving." Miller said as they marched across the sand.


USS Hammond - Several Hours Later

Colonel Samantha Carter sat in her chair on the bridge. She was checking some of the ship's readouts when her XO spoke up.

"Colonel, we've got an incoming message from the SGC."

"Open a channel." Sam said.

On a nearby screen General Landry's face appeared. "Colonel, how goes your research?"

"Very well, actually. Our observations of this black hole may provide valuable insight into how..."

"Ease down, Colonel. I was just being nice. Fact is when I read your proposal to use the Hammond for this experiment my eyes glazed over after the first three sentences. I'm calling for a different reason."

"Sorry, sir. What can I do for you?"

"The new SG-1 hasn't reported back, we believe they may need help."

"You finally found a replacement team?"

"And it looks like they've already gotten into trouble. Care to stop by P4C-187 and see what's what?"

"Can do." Carter said.

"Thanks Sam, be careful out there."

"We will, sir. Carter, out." Sam looked to her XO, "Take us into hyperspace."

"Yes, ma'am."


"As far as first missions go, this has to be the absolute worst." West said, his harms shackled to the wall.

"We didn't know about the minefield," Miller said.

"Neither did Morozov..." West said disdainfully.

"Do you think Villalobos made it back to the gate?" Miller asked.

Suddenly two Unas entered the cell dragging a very angry Tequila behind her. She was spouting a myriad of swear words in Spanish, attempting to kick and bite her captors, who merely shrugged off her attacks with annoyed growls. They chained her up next to Miller and left them.

"I'd don't think so, sir." West said.

Miller slumped. "This is just great. First day as a team and we lose one member and get ourselves captured by a goa'uld."

"You think they're goa'uld?" Tequila asked.

"Saw the glowing eyes. All these Unas have 'em." Miller told her. "Why they're in unas though..."

"This is troubling, for sure." West said. "I thought all the goa'uld were wiped out."

"Me too," Tequila added.

"Guess there's one still lurking about. Doesn't surprise me. The galaxy's a big place, lots of dark corners to hide in." Miller said.

"So what do we do?" Tequila asked.

"We bide our time. Wait for an opening, and try to bust out of here." Miller said.

"I tried getting to the gate, they've got unas crawling all over it." Tequila said.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, Sergeant." Miller said. "Right now... we wait. No doubt some badly dressed bad guy is gonna come sauntering into this cell to tell us how doomed we are, tell us we can't hope to defeat him. The usual song and dance."

"I hope you're right, sir." West said.

"Me too..." Tequila mumbled.


Malak wandered about the pyramid, his cloaking device allowing him to remain undetected. Much to his chagrin the chappa-ai was now guarded by unas, not even he dared to go toe-to-toe with the fierce beasts. He needed another way off the planet, to warn the council of what he had uncovered.

He had heard of the Tau'ri who had been captured. Perhaps he could assist them. However, at the moment, he was shadowing another goa'uld. A mysterious woman who went by the name Neith. A lesser goa'uld, from what he could remember. However, she was wandering about the massive factory as if she had goals of her own. Intrigued, he observed her.

Neith made her way around the numerous vats, the look on her face was one of curiosity. Malak was also curious. What were in these vats? Neith approached one of the vats, trying to see inside but finding the liquid to be too opaque. She sighed and continued. However she soon heard unas approaching and ducked behind one of the vats until they passed.

Curious, Malak pondered.


The Hammond arrived in orbit around P4C-187 and began to scan the planet. Carter frowned as she read the readouts.

"Colonel, I'm detecting a goa'uld mothership parked on the surface. I'm reading numerous lifesigns, a majority of them not human."

"Can you find SG-1?"

"Their subcutaneous transmitters aren't showing up. They could be in a shielded part of the ship."

An alarm sounded. "Ma'am! Three vessels just appeared on our scanners!"

"More motherships?" Carter asked.

"Negative! Scans indicate they're... Ori?"

"Shields up, ready the Asgard beam!" Carter ordered.

The two Ori vessels began to open fire on the Hammond. Sparks showered the bridge and the whole ship shook violently.


Khnum sat in his throne on his ha'tak, a vicious smile on his face. "I knew they'd come."

"The tau'ri vessel is returning fire, my lord." The unas at the controls said.

"Show them our new claws and teeth," Khnum said.

"Yes, my lord."


The Ori ships continued to pelt the Hammond with fire. However, another four hyperspace windows opened and out came more Ori ships.These ones were distinctively different, the paint job was darker, with red highlights. And when they fired, they fired Ancient drones.


"I see them! Jump to hyperspace! Now!" Carter ordered.

The drones careened towards the Hammond. The ship attempted evasive maneuvers, but the drones proved more nimble. They punched through the shields with ease and burrowed into the hull of the Hammond as if it weren't even there. Small explosions erupted from the ship, however it still managed to jump to hyperspace before the rest of the drones reached it.


Miller raised his head when he heard someone entering the cell. Inside stepped a woman in a vibrant purple dress. She appeared to be a goa'uld.

"You the leader of this lovely compound of unas?" Tequila asked with venom in her words.

She shook her head. "I am not. I am tok'ra. My name is Kelmar. I have been posing as a goa'uld to learn of the true purpose of this facility. However, I fear we are all in grave danger."

"Oh thank, god." West said with relief. "Never thought I'd be so happy to see a tok'ra!"

Kelmar went over and began to remove their chains. "The goa'uld, Khnum. He has a fleet of modified Ori vessels, armed with Ancient technology."

"What?!" Miller said.

"And his plans are much grander than that. I fear he is breeding an army of unas. The pyramid here is a massive factory full of vats." Kelmar explained.

"An army of goa'uld controlled unas?" Miller asked. "Not a great sign. We need to warn everyone."

"The stargate is heavily guarded, we need another way off this planet." Tequila said.

"I have a cargo ship cloaked in orbit," Kelmar said. "If we can make it to the ring transporter we may have a chance."

Once everyone was free they quickly left the cell. However, as they rounded the corner, they ran smack in the middle of a group of Unas led by Khnum.

"Ah... 'Neith,' why am I not surprised to find you trying to help these vermin escape?" Khnum asked. "Tok'ra scum!"

"Great... he knew all along..." West groaned.

"Kree!" Khnum ordered his unas to seize them. "Come, I find it fitting that it is SG-1 who will witness the rebirth of the goa'uld!"

The unas dragged them up to the main chamber in the pyramid. Khnum led them to one of the large vats and had the unas make the group kneel. Then, he moved over to the controls near the vat and entered a few commands into the console. The vat began to drain, and a large slot opened in the side. Sickly green goo seeped out and onto the floor, followed by a large form.

The creature didn't move. It appeared lifeless. Khnum knelt down next to the thing. It looked like an unas, but it was leaner, taller. Khnum began to convulse. The goa'uld slithered out of his mouth and quickly leaped into the creature. The unas that Khnum inhabited grunted, but then another unas moved over to it and fired its staff weapon at the back of the poor creature's head. The unas fell over, dead, while the other creature began to stir.

It slowly stood up. The slime flowing down its body. Again, it bore a striking resemblance to an unas, yet the hands weren't as unwieldy, the digits were more human looking. It stood up, towering over the even the other unas. It opened its eyes, and the glowed.

"Tar'nas... The strength and durability of unas... the intelligence and dexterity of tau'ri... The perfect host... befitting a god..." Khnum said.

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