Beginnings (Part 3)

Miller stared wide-eyed at the new creature Khnum now inhabited. Two unas went over to Khnum and handed him an ornate robe. He deftly took the robe and dressed himself.

"You were right 'Neith,' unas are so unwieldy... so boorish..." Khnum said.

"Abomination!" Kelmar spat.

"Still prefer humans?" Khnum sneered. "Here... I'll show you their fagility." He moved over to Tequila and seized her by the throat.

"You let her go!" Miller shouted.

"Yeah! Pick on someone your own size!" West said.

Khnum ignored them and began to crush Tequila's neck with his hand. Raising her above his head. She struggled, but it didn't take long. Soon he let her limp body fall to the floor. Miller struggled, enraged.

"You bastard!" Miller roared. An unas struck him with its staff and he fell to the floor.

"This is the great SG-1?" Khnum asked. "The slayers of Apophis? Anubis? Ha!" Khnum turned and started to march away. "Send them to the mines."


The Hammond dropped out of hyperspace, smoke billowed from holes in the hull. Inside, the bridge was being showered in sparks. Sam braced herself as the ship bucked and shuddered.

"How bad is it?" Sam asked.

"We got lucky, ma'am! Only a couple drones managed to hit us."

"How did they get their hands on Ancient weaponry?"

"Leftovers from Anubis?"

"It doesn't matter," Sam said. "Right now, we're stuck in space. We need to patch our wounds and see if we can get back into the fight." Sam made a bee-line for engineering and was met with a depressing sight as the room was full of smoke and various crystal trays were sparking. A small, young woman was running around the place, madly trying to enact repairs to everything. When Sam went to one of the trays the girl nearly ran into her.

"Oh god! Sorry, Colonel! Sorry!" the girl said.

"It's okay... err..."

"Nora, Dr. Nora Greene." the girl said.

"How bad is it?" Sam asked.

"Umm... Bad? Very bad?" Nora said. "I mean, we're beyond screwed."

"Let's see..." Sam opened the crystal tray and was met with broken and charred crystals. "Ooh... Okay... yeah... very bad."

"Like I said... screwed..."


Miller and the others were being taken to the mines to join the rest of the slaves. Three unas led them. Miller still had the image of Tequila having the life being crushed from her in his mind. He felt like things had devolved into a nightmare, and he wished he would just wake up.

"I am sorry about your team member, Colonel." Kelmar said. "She was a brave warrior."

"And now she's dead," West said, "And we're not far behind."

Miller didn't reply. Despite everything, he was still trying to work out a way to escape. They were chained together, and the unas were dragging them towards the mine. He wondered if they started to drag their feet or outright fall over that he could somehow get the upper hand, maybe get the chains around one of the unas' necks and choke them out.

No, that was dumb. They were far too strong to be so easily subdued.

Miller was so deep in thought that he was caught completely off guard when a staff blast slammed into one of the unas. This was followed by several more as the other two unas tried to evade the surprise attack. One became overwhelmed by the bolts and collapsed. The final, however, began to return fire with his own staff weapon.

When the unas stopped there was a brief moment of quiet. Then the unas jerked backwards, some unseen force striking it from behind. The unas roared and tried to retaliate, but it kept getting pummeled by invisible strikes. It fell to one knee, and then a staff blast erupted from the empty air and struck the back of the its head. It doubled over, dead.

"What the hell?" West exclaimed.

Suddenly a jaffa decloaked. Miller immediately identified him as a member of the Sodan. "Thanks."

"Who are you?" Kelmar asked.

"I am Malak of Shuran," Malak bowed slightly. "I apologize for not acting sooner, but these unas are formidable warriors. Come, we must find a way to leave this place."

Miller looked to Kelmar, "Is your ship still the go-to plan?"

"I fear it may not be. Khnum is in command of Ori warships equipped with Ancient weaponry. We would surely be discovered and destroyed the moment we were detected." Kelmar explained.

"Then we need to use the stargate." Miller said.

"It is guarded by many unas." Malak said. "Any attempt to reach it would be suicide."

"Not unless we make some kind of distraction." West suggested.

"Well I'm open to suggestions..." Miller said.

Everyone looked to one another, no one spoke up.

"Okay," Miller rolled his eyes as he went over and picked up one of the unas' staff weapons. "We'll play it by ear."

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