A Bad Day

It was another glorious day for Gummy Jaxx as he drove his Gummy Shark Kart to the starting line. It was the wee hours in the morning and Gummy Jaxx was ready to get his name in the line up of the available Karts for the Sugar Rush Game. The first twelve winners would be selected for the first line up and he always made the list. He was not about to loose that standing among his fellow kart racers. As the announcer spoke up everyone revved up their engines.

Announcer: On your mark! Get Set! GO!!!!!

Everyone hit the gas pedal and spun their wheels as they kicked up coco dust from the track. Gummy Jaxx grinned as he was quickly moving up the ranks from the back as he followed four other karts to the Gumball Alleyway. There they had to dodge the giants gumballs on to of the other karts while trying to move ahead. Gummy Jaxx used his special ability to submerge under the track at full speed and avoid all the chaos from the other drivers. Some of the drivers ran into the special power cubes to gain temporary powers to attack the other drivers. As a few of the karts were taken out of the game, Gummy Jaxx had managed to move to third place as he popped out of the ground after leaving the Gumball Alleyway. Now they were on a long stretch of road that led up the swirly mountain. The remaining racers raced up the dangerously curvy mountain as they needed to build up their speed to make the big jump. Once they reached the cliff they made the big jump across the cream puff cavern. Gummy Jaxx was grinning as he made the jump and landed it spot on.

Gummy Jaxx: YEAH!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeett!!!

Sadly that was the end of his joyous day as the sky lit up and a picture of a digital spider popped up with the word virus under it flashed along with a horrible screech. Then several cyber spiders came from the sky on threads and attacked the other drivers. Gummy Jaxx freaked out as he saw his friends get turned into Cyber Zombies as they were corrupted by the minions of the virus. Out of desperation he submerged to avoid getting attacked and barely escaped the horrible fate of his friends as they were infected and looked horrible.

Gummy Jaxx: Cheese and Sprinkles!!! This is insane!

Gummy Jaxx kept driving as he never looked back out of fear of seeing who was behind him. After driving for a long time he arrived at Diet Cola Mountain. Then suddenly he saw a small spaceship pass him by and crash into a coco pond. Gummy Jaxx quickly drove up to see who it was and saw someone was trapped inside and needed help as the ship was sinking in coco quicksand. Gummy Jaxx wasted no time in jumping out of his kart and rescuing the woman trapped in the small space ship. She was a bit panicked as Gummy Jaxx opened the hatch and began pulling her up only to find she was pretty heavy. He was getting worried as they were sinking fast and she was not out of the cockpit yet as her tails got stuck. Eventually Reyna freed herself and grabbed Gummy Jaxx as she leapt off the sinking ship to the safe ground. There she put Gummy Jaxx down and thanked him for helping her.

Reyna: Yeah ya cutie pie. Thanks for saving me.

Gummy Jaxx: Well you did most of the work so........

Reyna: Oh no I couldn't open the ship so you really save me back there.

Gummy Jaxx: Say what are you doing in this game? We are under attack here.

Reyna: I am Reyna the nine tailed fox from the Legendary Kombat fighter game. We were under attack too. A giant scary spider tried to eat me. I ran away and tried to hide in Delu's ship but I think I pushed the wrong button and ended up here.

Gummy Jaxx: Yeah those things are here too. They turned my friends into monsters.

Reyna: Well we need to stay away from them. They are scary.

Gummy Jaxx: Aren't you a fighter? Why are you scared?

Reyna: Their are to many of them. I saw them take out Delu and Razz in a swarm and turn them into mindless monsters.

Gummy Jaxx: Kinda like a Zombie right?

Reyna: No they were mindless monsters.

Gummy Jaxx felt odd that Reyna came off as a bit of an airhead. Once they saw they were in no danger they decided to rest for a bit till they could figure things out.


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