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Summary: A world weary warrior seeking a home for his surrogate daughter.


Gender: Male

Age: 43

Group: Star Children (Quest Group)

Weapon of Choice

Spell Gun, however ammunition is rare so he defers to using a sword most of the time.

Place of Origin (be creative)

Kanan is originally from Lantea. A sprawling metropolis once considered a bright and shining beacon of civilization. However, a people known as the Rand came to see Lantea as a threat and enacted a genocide on Kanan's people. The resulting war lasted for centuries until both civilizations were wiped out.


Kanan is a skilled warrior with years of experience after serving in the centuries long war waged by his people and the Rand, and the subsequent years wandering the world serving as a mercenary.

Physical Appearance

Kanan is a tall, imposing man with graying hair and brown eyes. He is often seen wearing a deep red coat with light armor plating sewn onto the back and shoulders and brown trousers.


Kanan was born in the middle of the Lantean/Rand war, and when he came of age he immediately joined the military and fought for the future of his people. However, the war ended with both sides losing, and Kanan found himself as the sole survivor.

In the intervening years he wandered the world working as a mercenary. He spent time in numerous prisons for a myriad of crimes, and oftentimes escaped. His journeys and misadventures have left him jaded to the world, of which he is content to see end.

However, his arrival in a small village inadvertently drew a ruthless warlord to it, resulting in the village's destruction despite his best efforts. The only survivor was Adria, a young girl whom he has taken under his wing despite his better instincts. Now he seeks to find a safe place for Adria, and serves as her guardian.

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Image of Kanan
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