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Summary: A young girl seeking a new home.


Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Star Children (Quest Group)

Weapon of Choice

Bow and arrow

Place of Origin (be creative)

Adria was born and raised in a small village within the land of Whitefall, a land known for its near-constant snowfall.


Adria is fast and nimble, but not that strong. Her small stature gives her the unique ability to squeeze through small spaces.

She is skilled with the bow and arrow after Kanan taught her how to use one.

She is also quite a good singer.

Physical Appearance

Adria is a teenage girl with pale skin and dark hair.


Born in raised in a small village in the land of Whitefall, she spent most of her life helping her family work the fields and hunting. It was a hard life, as Whitefall has been in a state of perpetual winter for eons, but it was a life nonetheless and she had a family who loved her.

One day, when she was twelve, a man named Kanan came to their village and was near death. Adria and her family nursed him back to health. However it turns out that Kanan had a ruthless warlord hunting him, and had sent a small group of mercenaries into the village where they slaughtered everyone. Kanan managed to defeat the mercenaries, but only Adria was left. He took her with him, and has looked after her ever since.

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Image of Adria
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