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Summary: A conqueror and cultured warlord.

Simeon San Mortan

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Group: Villains

Weapon of Choice

The Hammer of Dawn, a claw hammer he carries as a trophy from his first conquest.

Place of Origin (be creative)

Simeon hails from Shial, the heart of his empire. A desolate place wracked with volcanic eruptions and constant sand storms. Simeon was the first to tame these wild lands and began to branch out and conquer other foreign lands.


Simeon is a skilled tactician, his strategies often adapting to suit any given battle.

He is severely intelligent and well read. Having collected the books and scrolls from the numerous libraries of the countries he's conquered.

He is also a vicious combatant, with great strength and skill using his legendary claw hammer.

Physical Appearance

Despite his age he is incredibly muscular and tall with a mane of white hair that he usually has pulled into a ponytail. He usually wears a long coat made of sand dragon hide, a very durable material cultivated from one of the most feared creatures that inhabit his home country.


Simeon was born to a nameless concubine from one of the many raider tribes who wandered the wastelands of Shial. She abandoned him in the hopes the sands would claim him. However, a warlord known as Dormin discovered him and, inspired by the child's strong will to survive, took him and trained him in combat.

Simeon spent his childhood and teen years fighting in arenas and battlefields, earning honor for his master. That is, until he challenged Dormin to single combat and killed him. He became the new leader of Dormin's legion and set about killing or assimilating the other raiding bands.

To help unite the tribes and solidify his rule Simeon decided to travel into the desert alone and slay a sand dragon, the most feared creatures in all of Shial. Several months went by until Simeon returned adorned in a coat of sand dragon hide and bones. Word of his victory traveled across Shial, rallying various tribes to his side.

Then, Simeon set about conquering the rest of the world. Building a vast empire that spans to numerous countries beyond Shial. And now, he's set his sights on Korro Valley, where he's heard legends of the Dark Star, which he sees as the ultimate conquest.

Moderator Comments

Despite being a villain he is more of an anti-villain, he conducts himself with a certain level of honor and despite conquering numerous countries he has established a surprisingly stable civilization where many under his rule view him as a benevolent leader. This goes against the numerous rumors that he's a ruthless savage.
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