The Details

He was shocked. Right before he was going to leave someone had magically come to fulfill his dreams. The quest had hope once again. "Y-Yes, I am looking for people to join me. You look kind of there someone else with you? We can go to a booth in the back and talk details."

He got up from his seat and his heart filled with happiness. His life had meaning again.

"Yes, over there," she pointed to the table in the corner where Kanan was sitting and eating his stew. "That's Kanan, my friend. We can go over there and discuss this quest of yours. I'm Adria, by the way," she offered Argo her hand. "Nice to meet you!"

After their introductions Adria and Argo sat at the table where Kanan began to eye Argo up and down suspiciously. "So, Adria tells me you're going on a quest. What're you questing for?"

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