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Summary: Seasoned monster hunter, leader of Delta Team

Chuck O'Neill

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: MHI




Navy SEAL training

Improvised weaponry

Weapon Loadout

Primary Weapon: H&K G36K
Sidearm: Glock 17
Backup Weapon: Sawed off 12 gauge over and under shotgun.

Physical Appearance

Chuck is a man of average build and size. He has dark brown hair with flecks of gray.

Psychological Profile

Chuck is cool under pressure and often uses humor to defuse the tension.


Chuck was once a Navy SEAL until he was dishonorably discharged. He then spent time as a gun for hire with the intention of saving up to open his own bar in Mexico.

However a surprise run-in with a minotaur changed those plans. Now he works with MHI hunting monsters across the globe.


Loves his beer, don't get between him and his beer.

Has a tattoo on his left buttock of a minotaur, this was on a dare by a fellow hunter.

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Image of Chuck O'Neill
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