A Profitable Day

Jasre was beginning to tire as she finished the last of her commissions and let it dry. She took a few moments to clean up. Taking inventory of her things as she went, Jasre noted which things she would be needing to buy more of.

Her nerves had settled quite a bit as she worked and now she felt much better. Carefully packing the signs away, Jasre readied to deliver them. At the very least her excursion would give her the ability to snoop around town. She took the inn keeper his first and collected her payment, before heading out into the town.

Jasre kept her eyes sharp and moved with a purpose observing as much as she could as she went. The town was one like she had never seen and the people were odd to her as well. Each shop owner seemed pleased with their sign and payed her without fuss.

In each store, especially the potions and magic item shop, Jasre had to keep a lid on her curiosity. She already felt as if she had marked herself a foreigner with her sign making. Se didn't want to make it worse by asking questions that might be obvious and certainly make people more curious about her.

At the end of her deliveries, Jasre made a quick stop back at the inn to check on her room and to count out her coin in the privacy of her room. She still had no idea what was what as far as the coins or their values, but it seemed prudent to keep count anyway. She had restocked her supplies during her deliveries and that had given her enough of an idea to know she was making a nice bit of money.

With nothing much else to do, Jasre decided she wanted to get something good to eat and maybe check out the local gossip. So, she headed over to the pub she had been through earlier and set herself up at a table along the edge of the room and ordered some food and drink.

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