Loud Men

Theodosia ordered her drink with them, quite happy that she was fitting in despite most people being put off by her lack of hearing and oddness of trying to talk with her hands, she could write down anything needed that was to hard to explain with her hands. It wasn't unusual for people to be nice but most sane people are nice to the people who are making their food.

As everyone got their drink a conversation could be heard across the room. Slowly getting louder. The large group of men were obviously drunk, and getting drunker. It was clear by their slurring. However the group got quite as a small lithe bodied girl or what appeared to be one entered the pub right behind a blonde woman. Watching him walk and giving him cat calls and wolf whistles. Before one got up and dragged Blair to their table forcing him to sit. Putting a body between him and escape.

"Come on cutie have a drink with us." one man said to Blair. "Sorry I don't drink. Especially with people who are already as far gone as you." he said "Now, please move and let me go." he told them. Aw come on." the man said putting a hand on Blair's leg. "Come on don't be like that." he said. "I am not a woman for you to feel up. I am a male now...let me go..." he stammered the last bit as the man moved his hand up and down Blair's leg. "So you are cute and we are bored and lonely." he said and the group or 4 others laughed and agreed in the way a merc group would.

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