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Summary: Warrior culture space dragons at a crossroads of what kind of nation they wish to be.

Ignis Clans

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Gender: Male and female

Age: 1000 (only been interstellar for around 400 years.)

Group: Oligarchies


The planet of Ignis, fiery and generally inhospitable to most, proved to be the crucible which forged dangerous and hardy wildlife of all kinds. Sentient space dragons became the dominant species. Tree-like growths, speckled with the minerals that the various plants had absorbed from the mineral-rich ash and volcanic rock that covers the planet. The sulphur fields of the planet are thickly forested and full of life. One may say that this planet, oddly enough, is a beautiful, hellish landscape instead of a waste.
The government consists of an assemblage of the partriarchs and matriarchs of seven great clans. The assemblage was formed nearly a thousand years ago to stop the race as a whole from wiping itself out in war. The Ignis Clans have colonized their own solar system, as well as spread to any star system nearby their star which has a molten planet. The species of Ignis are very hardy because of the extreme environment of their home planet, so very little terraforming is needed to establish Ignitian species on other planets.


The military holds the highest importance for the Ignis clans. In order to elect a leader for the assemblage, each clan picks a champion to fight for their clan’s leader every ten years. Champions usually consist of officers from the military. The military consists of ten warfleets, which patrol Ignitian space and conduct military exercises.
It is compulsary for every Ignitian to become a part of the military at some point in their life, so if needed, a reserve for the army or navy can be mustered in times of war.

Due to the strength of dragons, they are able to wield small railguns of various configurations in combat. Each soldier constructs their own weapons, including their melee weapons to their own specifications, save that the ranged weapon uses one of the mass produced ammunition types. It is difficult to narrow down the weapons to specific models as a result. There are classifications of weapon based on the ammo type being used. Heavy, shotgun, light, and assault ammo. Their weapons are crafted from the Regoth alloy and lava trees that grow on the lava homeworlds, and are often works of art in and of themselves.

In terms of mechanized warfare, environmentally shielded cavalry of heavy and light mech suits are used for precision, mobile strikes. Troop carriers are heavily armed shuttles, as ground-based operations on a lava planet are difficult at best, impossible at worst. Ignitian warfare relies heavily on hit and run tactics, utilizing mobility to scramble their units to cause as much damage as possible.


Ignitian society does not consist of mega-corporations, but two of the seven major clans operate as bankers. Ignitian society is open to limited trade, and the richness of the volcanic rock allows them to create valuable and unique alloys for trade.


Society revolves around the idea of perpetual, self-improving conflict. Be it through fighting one’s greed to help others, or seeking to grow the clan and the Assemblage as a whole. The seven clans are based in the seven core worlds of the Assemblege. Three of these worlds exist in the home solar system of Korak There are a handful of small and a couple of mid-sized colonies that one day will become clans of their own.
It is not an uncommon sight to see Ignitian mercenaries and bounty hunters in dingy cantinas nearby Ignitian space.

7 Clans
Clan Igna: The oldest clan established on the home world. Focuses primarily on military. (Home system)
Clan Ontar: A volcanic garden world established in the home system as the first colony. Focuses primarily on the arts and society and makes up the diplomats of the Assemblege. (Home system)
Clan Brusak: Established on the volcanic satellite of Ontar, focused primarily on the economy of the assemblege. (Home system)
Clan Ursak: The first intersellar expansion of the Assemblege, quickly established itself as a military and built the first wormhole generator to connect itself back to the core worlds.
Clan Burak: Established on a temperate world with a large, active volcanic sector, clan Burak mostly focuses on science and technological advancements.
Clan Grossk: A clan that focuses primarily on military matters, Grossk members are regarded as producing some of the best officers the fleet had to offer. Grossk is a fiery planet, much like the typical Ignitian style.
Clan Ircsa: a merchant clan that operates the largest extra-empire trading fleet. Based in a rich, mineral-rich volcanic planet, Ircsa produces the finest alloys in the Assemblege and trades them to any empire not on Ignis’s borders because of the current border tensions.

The planet of Rasak is currently constructing a great capital ship works in order to be recognized as a clan.

Gereth is another colony that is in the process of being approved to be a clan, but current infighting is preventing their recognition. They established a military academy for marine officers and orbital combat as part of their clan initiation.

Minor colonies: Ithia, Corsca, Itsa, Gorgo

Foreign Affairs

The Ignis Assemblege does not officially sanction raiding by its warfleets, but that does not stop an enterprising admiral from testing the waters from time to time. Depending on which clan is in charge, sometimes these admirals are reprimanded.
Other than the very minor colonies that they raid, they have limited trade with the Republic.


The Ignitians use a system of wormhole generators to compress space-time in order to very quickly move around the galaxy. These orbital wormhole generators themselves are extensive projects of engineering and siegecraft, forming an orbital defense as well as a transportation hub. However, only three wormhole generators exist in the entire assembly, which have become stellar fortresses and civilian stations over the years. A ship travelling from a distant system has to return to one of the wormhole generators before jumping to their next destination. The Ignitians have developed very crude and first generation deflector shields, but heavily rely on their strong alloy armor for defense of their ships. The Ignitians use railgun technology to arm their ships, which pack a heavy punch at the cost of fire rate. An Ignitian fleet is known to skirt its capital ships at maximum accurate range and use its smaller ships to swarm the enemy and keep them busy. Point defense consists heavily of flak rounds.


Ignitian history is peppered with conflict. Nearly a thousand years ago, to prevent the species from wiping itself out in conflict, the Assemblege was established to unite the race. Throughout its time on the home planet of Igna, the race itself focused on science and technology to one day touch the stars. Four hundred years ago, the clans of Ontar and Brusek were established when a world and its moon were colonized. Two hundred years of technological stagnation followed after a deep-space colonization effort was in transit to Ursak. After those two hundred years, however, a wormhole opened outside of Igna, a small warfleet of Brusek coming out of the circle of energy with the proclamation that they had built a wormhole generator that allowed them to transit light years in barely any time. Igna constructed their own wormhole generator, fortifying it and turning it into Hardpoint Igna. Brusek was quickly recognized as a clan, and a colonization effort dispatched to five worlds, forming the other three clans and the worlds of Rasa and Gereth. Fifty years ago, the assemblege approved another colonization effort, which colonized the four minor colonies of the present.

Strengths and Weaknesses (3 minimum for each)

-Strong hull armor
-They are dragons with great strength and long lifespans
-Very adaptable for volcanic planets that most species would not colonize
-Tough, elite, and well-trained shock troops

-Has very well-equipped fighters to maintain air superiority

-Small infighting between rival clans

-Their wormhole generators are the backbone of their growth, and while a major asset, are a great weakness if they were to be disabled. Construction of a wormhole generator is an extensive project that takes years to complete. Six out of the ten warfleets are soley devoted to guarding these wormholes.

-The Ignitians in this point in history do not yet see the value in working together with other species, and their 8th navy’s unsanctioned raiding has not made them popular with their neighbors.

-The nature of long lifespans means that patriarchs and matriarchs aren’t very quick to make decisions, which has prevented the Assemblege from growing in its history.

-Are a very proud people who value Ignitian aesthetics over all, which makes the most mundane items expensive.

People of Interest

Grand Wyrm Rayth: Current leader of the assemblege; matriarch of clan Igna

Grand Flotilla Admiral Egoth: Current leader of the first, second, third, and seventh warfleets, the pride of the Assemblege and one of the brightest admirals in its history. He is in charge of the defense of Igna’s wormhole generator.

Admiral Horitz: Leader of the 8th Warfleet and well-known raider of the fringes. He’s loyal to the assemblege, but feels that aggressive expansion is the way forward.

Grand General Watyr: Supreme commander of the marine forces

Embassador Regeth: In charge of foreign affairs and diplomatic missions.

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