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Summary: A mix of three races allied together.

Nalin Republic

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Gender: N/A

Age: 130

Group: Monarchies


~The Karn, the artificial city-planet Capital of the Nalin.
~Kalek, homeworld of the Ani in the Corna
~Rocona, homeworld of the Eri in the Corna
~Miulia, homeworld of the Miluans in the Corna
~Emeri, an Ani colony and emerin mine in the Colna
~Eugantu, an Eri colony in the Colna
~Moatis, a Miluan colony in the Colna
~The Karn, the capital of the Nalin where the Delegates meet for discussions.
~The Corna, or core, of the Nalin.
~The Colna, colonies of the various races.
~The Rakna, prison colonies on the farthest edge of Nilan space.
~The Karn is its own sector
~There are three sectors in the Corna, the Rocon sector, the Kalen sector and the Miulin sector. Rocon is Eri, Kalen is Ani and Miulin is Miluan.
~There are nine sectors in the Colna, the Eris, Eros, and Era sectors (all Eri), the Lak, Fek and Tuk sectors (all Ani) and the Koloni, Indawo and Impahla sectors (all Miluan).
~The Rakna has 7 sectors containing 6 prisons each.
The government consists of the multiple governments of the Ani, Eri and Miluans meeting together once a month to discuss politics. Each sector in the Corna and Colna has its own government of sorts, however the governments of the Colna are under the governments of the Corna.
~The Ani monarchy is ruled by the Kaj and a supporting cast of military commanders and three Kekkas from the three Colna sectors, leaders of three departments like the Treasury who are selected by the Kaj. The Kekkas also control their sectors with secretaries (Reshi) of various departments as advisors.
~The Eri presidency is run by the Rego (10 year limitless terms) with help from handpicked advisors. Each Colna sector is governed by an official (Apostulus) elected by people of the sector and the Apostulii also meet in the Karn to represent their sectors.
~The Miluan democracy sends representatives (2 year limitless terms) to the Karn every month. There are five representatives with one Head Representative from each Miluan sector, and the Colna sectors are not under control of the Miulin sector.


Miluans are pacifist and have no military.
Both the Anin and Eri have a very strong military, the Anin more so. Eri are based on units of ten, Ani are based on units of 3 or 9. Eri are well-trained and take battle of all forms as an art, whereas the Anin are instinctive and make their own fighting styles. Eri are usually more rigid but still fluid while Ani are random, agile and flexible. Eri are much more predictable than Ani.
Eri weaponry is typically bladed, the most common weapon being plasma-blades, katar-like weapons with 1.5 blades and a trigger in the grip that shoots small balls of plasma at enemies.
Ani weaponry is also typically bladed, but each weapon is completely unique to its owner. They are also varied in the projectiles they produce, but typically most are engraved with various sayings in Kaklin, the language of the Ani.
They also have armor made from emerin that consists of bracers, gauntlets, upper bracers, chest plates, pauldrons, greaves, sabatons and thigh armor. The Ani armor is much more artful in design and also typically has engraved sayings in Kaklin.

Eri army:
Squads, consisting of 10 soldiers and a Chief.
Squadrons, consisting of 10 squads and a Chieftain.
Militias, consisting of 10 squadrons and a Captain.
Reigns, consisting of 10 militias and a Reigner.
Regents, consisting of 100 reigns and a Regen.
There are ten Regents, and the 10 Regens are commanded by the Rego.

Ani army:
Khans, consisting of 81 Ani commanded by a Khanin/Khana
Taks, consisting of 9 Khans commanded by a Takin/Taka
Takals, consisting of 9 Taks commanded by a Takalin/Takala
Koghrans, consisting of 3 Takals commanded by a Kogrin/Kogra
Kasmims, consisting of 3 Koghrans commanded by a Kasmin/Kasmi
There are 9 Kasmims commanded by a Khogan/Khoga
Wulds, consisting of 270 special-forces Reks commanded by a Wuldin/Wulda
Wulders, consisting of 27 Wulds commanded by a Wuldrin/Wuldra
There are 27 Wulders commanded by a Reklin/Rekla
The Khogan/Khoga and Reklin/Rekla are commanded by the Kaj.

Ani navy:
Kezs, 81-Rek ships commanded by a Kezin/Keza
Keshs, 9 Kezs commanded by a Keshin/Kesha
Keshlifs, 9 Keshs commanded by a Keshlin/Keshla
There are 27 Keshlifs commanded by a Kashin/Kasha
Maks, 243-man ships commanded by a Makin/Maka
Makrems, 9 Maks commanded by a Makrin/Makra
Makyffs, 9 Makrems commanded by a Makremin/Makrema
Galds, 3 Makyffs commanded by a Galdin/Galda
There are 9 Galds commanded by a Galdrin/Galdra
The Kashin/Kasha and Galdrin/Galdra are commanded by the Kaj.


The Nalin has a healthy economy and a multitude of items, both raw materials and processed goods, to trade.

Ani currency:
‘Klaws’ made of varying metals according to value. Gildon, silven, blakiren and emerin. Beyond emerin flat metal silven tablets marked with value are used.

Eri currency:
Credits. Just credits represented by metal bars etched with a certain amount in Eri numerals.

Miluan currency:
Sluna, small coins of varying metals according to value. Villen, lazzin, gildon, silven, blakiren and emerin. Beyond emerin silven tablets marked with value are used.


Ani society:
The Ani are a warrior race of humanoids that have divided into 8 clans: Jagi, Tigri, Rilli, Regali, Rizi, Oksy, Lefa and Cuti. Jagi and Tigri live in the Kalen Sector of the Corna, Rilli and Regali live in the Lak Sector, Rizi and Oksy live in the Fek Sector, and Lefa and Cuti live in the Tuk Sector.
The Kaj usually has a consort, known as the Kaja or Kajin depending on gender.
Ani are extremely flexible with claws on their hands and feet and shoulder blades of such shape they can easily fit tightly into small spaces most other humanoid species would struggle to crawl into. Ani are athletes, very strong and of dense musculature, and they enjoy sports like wrestling for entertainment.
Male and female Ani (aer and aeru respectively) are equal in Ani society (much to the chagrin of the Miluans). Aer names, phonemes and ranks always end in a consonant, aeru names, phonemes and ranks always end in a vowel. Suffixes on individual names: -na and -nan are superiors, -du and -dun are inferiors, -re and -ren are equals, -lin and -li are children. All Ani speak Kaklin.
The Ani have no religion but at the same time are not atheist or science-focused. They prefer to be neutral on the issue and when asked if there is some divine being their answer is always 'I don't know'.
Ani are also carnivores.

Eri society:
The Eri are a race of humanoids that indulge in all the arts (including martial) and have a love for creativity. Eri are easily recognizable by the black tattoos representing their family and history on their body. Eri have long blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin as well. They are pragmatic and prepare for the worst on every occasion. Eri are strict atheists and credit themselves for their achievements, though they respect the Miluan religion. Honoring of elders is a must among the Eri, regardless of what the elder has said or done. The Eri language is Latius, but it's actually remarkably similar to English. The Eri Rego typically has a consort called the Regn. Eri are omnivores.

Miluan society:
The Miluans are a race of humanoids that are completely dedicated to Aloloshi (their religion) and strongly dislike those that do not follow Aloloshi or doubt the gods of Aloloshi. Brief creation myth:
At the beginning of creation there was a single deity, Kuhle. Kuhle was lonely and created two children; Lungile and Embi. Kuhle favored Lungile over Embi, and Embi became jealous. While Kuhle and Lungile created the universe Embi made a child, Ezimbi, pouring all Embi's hatred into it. After Kuhle and Lungile had finished making the universe Ezimbi challenged Lungile to a battle. Lungile, who had just made a child named Kulungile, declined, so Ezimbi, being fueled by Embi's anger and hate, killed Kulungile. (It was at this moment Kuhle banned murder). Lungile made a soldier of light to battle Ezimbi's darkness, naming it Kukhanya. Ezimbi made a soldier as well and channeled itself into it, becoming a new being named Emnyana. (By this point Embi was seriously regretting the jealousy that led to Ezimbi's creation). Kukhanya and Emnyana battled while Kuhle and Lungile faded away, Kuhle of old age and Lungile of the exhaustion from making Kukhanya. Embi continued to create the other gods and sealed away Emnyana and Kukhanya to protect Kuhle’s creation (the Miluans) from harm. After long years Emnyana began to win against Kukhanya so Kukhanya created a descendant and named it Amlophe. Emnyana was outnumbered against the two of them and tried to make a descendant as well, Abamnyana, but Amlophe killed Abamnyana before it could enter the battle. Kukhanya and Amlophe continue to battle Emnyana until the end of time.
According to Aloloshi atheists are descendants of Emnyana who exist to spread blasphemy about the gods, leading to Miluans strongly disliking the Eri.

Foreign Affairs

The Nilan Republic isn't openly hostile or dominating without provokation ('Nilan' is actually peace in Kaklin) and they try to be friendly with all of their neighbors so they can trade. So far they have no enemies.
The policy when dealing with foreign Empires is to follow all of the foreign customs to a T and speak their language. Ani, with their religious flexibility, usually take the role of ambassadors (surprisingly). Diplomats on other worlds follow every law present there and others who come to the Nalin are permitted to follow their religion and customs and the Republicans will (should) respect it. It's recommended visitors go to an Ani colony to avoid hostility from Eri atheism or Miluan Aloloshi.


The Nilan (save the pacifist Miluans) have very strong weaponry and ships, the latter of which are typically made from emerin. They have particle cannons, lasers, plasma weapons, etc. They achieve FTL through some quirks in the properties of emerin combined with other quirky metals from Emeri. Ships are extremely durable, with weak spots usually being wherever there's a break in the emerin shell (like, say, a laser or particle cannon). Ani are not as technologically advanced as the Eri, their homeworld Kalek being a super dense jungle full of looming metal structures and buildings that the Ani live in. They do have technology, just not like 3D projection stuff. Kalek is very similar to Wakanda, if you know Marvel. Their scholastics is basically military boot camp with history added in.
Eri technology is very surgically precise with smooth white surfaces and 3D interactive projections. Rocona (their homeworld) is basically a sparkling white metropolitan city-planet. They continue to advance in leaps and bounds, sharing their technology with the Anin but not the Miluans because Aloloshi doesn't agree with foreigners. Their scholastics is career based (doctors or soldiers or scientists or whatever) and training starts at a young age.
Miluans haven't reached FTL yet and rely on the Eri and Ani for protection and travel. Their scholastics consist almost entirely of Aloloshi teachings.


The Nilan Republic began when an Eri ship landed on Kalek and discovered a race of similar technological abilities who had already half-way terraformed a neighboring planet (Emeri) into a colony and mine. They formed an alliance, known as the JagiC'ael Alliance after the ruling families of both civilizations until the Ani discovered Miulia and the Miluans, who then joined into the new Republic for protection.

Strengths and Weaknesses (3 minimum for each)

~Strong military and navy
~Advanced Eri technology
~Checks and balances in the government

~Religious disputes between the Eri and Miluans
~Miulia has virtually no interstellar technology or defense, being literally a planet of giant blue flowers and little flower people
~Their foreign policies could potentially allow a breach and for foreigners to go on killing sprees if it was part of their 'religion'.

People of Interest

~Kaj Jada Katarka of the Ani, a Jagi from Kalek.
~Jakin Katarkin, brother of Jada and her heir, also a Jagi from Kalek.
~Rekla Ree Rynirdka, a Tigri from Kalek
~Kashin Reyin Rynirdka, Ree’s brother and another Tigri from Kalek
~Khogan Sumr Jakkylkin, a Tigri from Kalek
~Galdri Wuntru Estirkin, a Lefa from the Tuk Sector
~Kekka Tilla Mikelkin, head of messaging, a Cuti from the Tuk Sector
~Kekka Raka Jamigkin, head of treasury, an Oksy from the Fek Sector
~Kekkan Sakar Ragafkin, head of trade, a Rilli Takrin (pilot) from the Lak Sector
~Rego Seeth C’ael, from Rocona.
~Regn Yasmi Katarka, sister of the Ani Kaj, a Jagi from Kalek.
~Apostulus Magnis T’alei, leader of the Eris Sector.
~Apostulus Sugin L’yt, leader of the Eros Sector.
~Apostulus Kye L’ume, leader of the Era Sector.
~Representative Isobho of the Miulin Sector
~Representative Ulunge of the Koloni Sector
~Representative Ithanga of the Indawo Sector
~Representative Umgca of the Impahla Sector

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