The Ak'albašu Union of Planetary States

On the fringes of the galaxy, surrounded by systems of little worth or meaning, a young and energetic people have sprouted. Unnoticed, or, rather, ignored due to their obscurity, the Ak'albašu have carved out what little they could for themselves. Their Union of Planetary States stands proudly on what it has achieved with toil, blood, and determination. Having yet attempted no contact with the rest of the galaxy after decades of civil war, strife, and cautious expansion, the ever-dwindling space and resources found on their worlds pushes these people desperately on. Now, on the verge of discovering faster-than-light travel, it becomes painfully obvious that a challenging decision must be made:
For the struggle is far from over. Išdir Uren, Grand President and leader of the First Revolution, has passed away, his son, Duragiš Uren, hesitantly taking his place as Grand President. His claim is in dispute, however, and even the First President's son must beware, and judge his moves with intense scrutiny. With an ever-increasing power void beginning to develop, and the planets of the Union beginning to split once more, things look more dire than ever. Is this truly the right time to move forward, when the back crumbles?
Perhaps the choice is not theirs to make? The recent signals sent out to space to test the unknown frontier could possibly have been answered. Is this first contact?
Faced with such startling information and such heavy challenges, an emergency Diplomatic Gathering has been called, one year early. Already factions have begun to form; with the death of the Grand President now known to the worlds, monarchists are beginning to make a comeback, with each planet also plagued by its own nationalistic insurgents. Even influencing politicians and heads of state, such as Assu-ur Udre-inul, President of Urašir, have openly spoken against the dictatorial regime of the late Išdir Uren, believing that it is the people who should have the power in a nation, and stating that "In the past, we did not have freedom. In these times, we have been robbed of it. Now, we must decide on something greater". Even Su-ursu Edeg, the Ak'albašu homeworld's Secretary of Defense, harbours monarchistic sympathies, believing that the sins of the Durungiš dynasty can be amended with time and effort, and, most importantly, loyalty. There are even rumours that the Great Dynasty lives on in hiding. Would it be foolish to give in to hope?
Now the fates of all will be decided in the Gathering.

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