Ignis Clans

The Grand Flotilla Commander Egoth stood at the command bridge on the Fortitude, the first multipurpose carrier and long range strike battleship of its class. Before him stretched the organic forms of his 1st and 2nd fleet, in-orbit of a pre-FTL planet just outside of the Ignis Clan's territory. He had transmitted the terms of surrender: bend the knee and become a vassal of the Ignis Clans. The golden drake leaned against the command console, stroking his long whiskers as he thought over his battle strategy. There was seemingly no hope for this planet in his mind if they resisted, for an orbital bombardment could waste any city that they wished. But levelling cities was both a waste of time, resources, reputation, and lives. It was merely Egoth's last resort should the assault not go as planned.

The marine troops had suited up in full combat armor that protected their wings, lining up in formation in the hanger of the Fortitude. Each trooper's weapons were unique to each soldier, hundreds of hours of crafting poured into each by the soldiers themselves, or swords passed down to them as a family heirloom. The mech pilots and orbital strike squads had suited up, heading to the drop pods for an orbital insertion to clear the landing sites for the initial wave of Ignitian troop transports.

Pilots climbed into the slim profiles of their Y-shaped fighters, running engine checks and preparing for the green light to launch and assemble into wings to clear the air and establish air superiority.

As all these preparations were under way, the Grand Wyrm and matriarch of Igna looked up at the glowing orange atmosphere of the capital planet. She had received word that the Grand Flotilla Admiral was launching the first orbital invasion in the history of the Clans. Unsure if taking vassals was the best course of action, the matriarch was only convinced to green light the campaign after Egoth's council. The battle tactics of the Clans needed to be tested in fire.

Earlier that week, the Ignis Clans sent out an interstellar space call, hoping for an answer.

"We are the Ignis Clans, forged in fire and tested by the elements. We are open to limited trade, but beware if you have ill intent. We will not hesitate to unleash fire and fury upon our enemies. We will send a diplomat to the following stellar coordinants and we hope that whoever is listening does the same." Co-ordinant codes, based on the galactic center, for a barren star system were transmitted with the message.

And so began the conflicting stellar ambitions of the seven Ignis Clans. The matriarch knew the time of resolution between the clans was coming...

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