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The nation that came from two and came to be one. The one that set aside differences to work together, to create a stable social space for all to thrive and flourish. That's what Roya is all about. However, discord fills the hearts of many...

Ark Palace:

"I think that's stupid," Correlio said to Kedley. "In these strange times we're in, shortening our military is a mistake we cannot afford. No way will I allow it."

"Just because you lead the military doesn't mean you should automatically disagree with this," she responded. "You know that the military budget is skyrocketing. We can only raise taxes so much Correlio."

"Look," Despin interceded, "I agree with Kedley, okay? We should either limit the military or lower the budget. I'm sorry, but-"

"You will cause the end of Roya, I swear to it!" Correlio shouted louder. "If we need to attack-"

"No!" Kedley said to him, sticking a finger in his face. "You know we don't just attack people, you imbecile. Stop it with your dreams of attacking our neighbors. It's reckless."

"You wish it to be."

This is what happened in the Ark: disagreement. However, doesn't end there. It continues, the legacy of mistrust.
"I think we should investigate him," Ava said to a fellow sentry in another section of the palace. "We can't afford a delegate to be a part of that radical group. How many people claim he is?"

"Fifteen, all worked on his campaign."

"Good lord," she said, sipping a tea. "I'll get on it. Cover up my tracks, the whole nation will lose its mind if this gets out. If it's true...Roya is doomed."

After all, rumors of Despin being a Qit, a group that had killed hundreds decades ago. However, evil continues to surface. Ava walked out of the room and toward the exit, ready to begin her path to the truth.

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