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A Collection of Arguments

Correlio, Kedley, and Despin all entered the room which was surrounded by dozens of sentries, all with their issues they wished to burden the delegates with it. Basically, it was time for the three delegates to relay what they have decided to do on certain issues that the sentries could then enforce into action.

Sentry Valli took the floor first. She was a simple Plorra, older by their standards. "Hello delegates. The first issue is one that is indeed very important to the longevity of Roya. After the recent attacks on trading ships in Delegate Correlio's sector, we proposed a question as to taking down pirates who are attacking merchant ships and are therefore stealing the contents and selling them on the black market."

Kedley and Despin looked to Correlio to share their answers. "Yes, Sentry Valli, we've come to a conclusion on that issue. We have decided to split the defense military into a small subunit that will essentially be a task force to deal with pirates within Roya, called the Domestic Trading Guard Division, or DTGD for short. I know it may be had to implement this new division right away, but General Orro is already looking into the matter and assembling a team."

"And how will this division affect the military cost, which is a following question?" Valli followed up with.

"Well, to answer the next question immediately, we've come to a conclusion to cut the offensive military spending, reduce defense spending, and begin funding fifty percent of the cut funds from the two aforementioned branches into the DTGD. Basically, we're cutting the other military spending and putting part of that money into stopping the pirates where they stand. I hope that won't be too hard to implement."

"Why did you decide on cutting the defense budget?" Another sentry asked. "I thought you all endorsed keeping or even raising the defense budget."

"Well," Kedley began in Correlio's place, "we aren't cutting the defense budget as much as we're simply transporting the money to another defense/domestic field. It sort of is keeping the defense budget the same, however we're highlighting the fact that it will be given to another division. In you Holo-Files you'll see the whole plan laid out."

Another sentry, Sentry Helt, went up to the podium. "A recent topic that's been in fierce debate is that over the rogue sector in Delegate Despin's Royan sector. In our monthly evaluation we found a heightened hostility toward Orists, a group that is highly prevalent throughout the nation. Are you aware of this, and what do you plan to do about it?"

Correlio, being an avid Orist, looked at him in shock. "Well," Despin began nervously. "That hasn't been something I've noticed at all, considering the fact that I've been here in the capital the past month figuring out these new issues. However, after these meetings, I look forward to returning to my sector and fixing the problem."

"By doing what?" Helt asked.

"By simply finding the source of the problem, maybe a radical leader that needs to be taken care of and talked down. I will not accept any violence or hatred to any group of people, I assure you."

"Seems kind of vague to me, but I hope to see it fixed by next month's evaluation."

Sentry Bolo took the podium. "Sir Despin, I'm afraid this interrogation doesn't quite end for you. Unfortunately, I had the news of learning that my fellow sentries have begun an investigation into your campaign and personal life, for there have been reports of you being a supporter of the Qit."

Gasps arose from the crowd, and the two delegates looked at him in utter shock. "I can assure you," Despin began, "that I would never support such fiends, let me tell you. They abolished our fateful government and killed dozens, even hundreds. In no way would I support them. Those reports are false, and the investigation will find nothing pointing to that conclusion. I'm offended that you all would so much as even take it into consideration. I'm very confident that my fellow delegates will vouch for my innocence."

He looked to them, and they both nervously nodded.

After the meeting was over, with topics such as terraforming, AI, remote controlled ships, expanding borders, dealing with native tribes, and amending some foreign relations, Kedley pulled Despin aside.

"I don't what shit just happened back there," she said to him, "but let me remind you that you better be careful. If those reports are true, I will kick you out of the Ark faster than you can even comprehend it, understand?"

He nodded. "But I'm not one of those evil-"

"You better not be. For the sake of this nation."

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