Expanding Interests

The Republic was one of many nations that was a signatory of the Consolidated Communications Framework, a treaty that created a system of communication centers, relay buoys, and communications protocols that made communications between nations, deep space communications by starships, and ship-to-ship communication far easier. The communal network spread over a great deal of the galaxy and was used by all nations that were members of the CCF.

It was not unusual for non-members to try and use the network (with limited success), nor was it unusual for errant messages to reach the CCF network and be picked up along the way.

One such message was picked up by the network and transmitted to various comms centers by the network's automated systems.
The message was received by a Republic listening post in deep space and translated as a diplomatic request, and sent to the Foreign Ministry back in the Republic Core.

The message was passed down the chain of command until reaching Senior Ambassador Kosseieh and his staff.

We are the Ignis Clans, forged in fire and tested by the elements. We are open to limited trade, but beware if you have ill intent. We will not hesitate to unleash fire and fury upon our enemies. We will send a diplomat to the following stellar coordinates and we hope that whoever is listening does the same.

The message, though wrapped in a layer of static and punctuated by ambient blips, was understandable to the Ambassador and his staff.

"It was received about two days ago, it reached the Ministry yesterday and took our staff a little while to translate, it's not a common language nor is it in our database. Luckily we've dealt with this species before and were able to piece together a translator for the database" a Ghora intern said, standing by a holographic display of the galaxy. "A set of coordinates were included, we managed to pinpoint the location...here" the intern pointed to a location in deep space that was then highlighted in red.

"I don't know, random invitations to deep space? That's not safe in the least" another staff member objected.

"This is a benign invitation, I wouldn't worry. Besides, we already have existing free-trade agreements with these 'Ignis Clans', they've been amicable since we first signed the agreement" Kosseieh replied, recalling his predecessor's work with the elusive clans. It was by chance the first agreement was signed, when a merchant convoy made contact with an Ignis warfleet.

The Republic was always open to increasing trade, especially with the tax kickbacks that the government itself received from tariffs and corporate taxes.

"We're going to send someone out there, sir?" the Ghora asked, turning to the Interhecta ambassador.

The insectoid Ambassador crossed his arms and mulled the situation over. Increasing trade would be a cinch, and could lead to better relations in the future.

"What's the threat assessment?" the Ambassador asked.

"Pirate activity in the starlanes between here and the coordinates is low, the Trade League has been cracking down on pirates in the region through their security forces. Additionally, the 9th Akron Armada is patrolling the nearby sector and could easily respond to any requests for aid" a staff member replied.

"I don't see the harm. I'll send notification and begin administrative preparation, have my ship prepped for the journey"

Hours later, a subspace transmission was sent in reply.

This is Senior Ambassador Kosseieh acting on behalf of the Grand Arkhal Republic,
transmitting in response to an earlier diplomatic transmission of the Ignis Clans. The Republic Foreign Ministry will accept the invitation for a formal meeting, we believe it is in our best interests to open dialog and increase our present trade levels. I will personally oversee the diplomatic mission and am expected to arrive at your transmitted coordinates within six days time.

I speak on behalf of the Republic when I say I look forward to increasing cooperation between our nations.

The transmission was followed with the transponder ID and Envoy Identification of the Ambassador's ship, allowing his vessel to be identified upon arrival.

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