Expanding interests pt. 2

“This is Senior Ambassador Kosseieh acting on behalf of the Grand Arkhal Republic,
transmitting in response to an earlier diplomatic transmission of the Ignis Clans. The Republic Foreign Ministry will accept the invitation for a formal meeting, we believe it is in our best interests to open dialog and increase our present trade levels. I will personally oversee the diplomatic mission and am expected to arrive at your transmitted coordinates within six days time. I speak on behalf of the Republic when I say I look forward to increasing cooperation between our nations.”

The message ran loud and clear over the frequency. The matriarch even was surprised that the Republic would take note of their message. But a deal was a deal. It was too risky to harm relations with their only true trading partner, so the gentle, well-spoken Embassador Regeth was dispatched to the coordinants.

The instant the embassador dropped out of the wormhole, she was shocked by what she saw: the 8th Warfleet lying in wait for the meeting! Arranged in the standard formation, the flagships to the rear, the ornate, beautiful ships of the fleet turned towards the embassador’s ship.

The bronze-scales dragon gripped the back of the pilot’s seat, her claws gripping into the back like a vice, “Shit... get out a mayday, now! Admiral Horitz has gone and done it, the idiot!” The turrets of the fleet swivelled to address the small corvette, firing off a volley that seemed like a wall of railgun ordinance, “Mayday, mayday, this is Firebird. The 8th Warfleet has gone rogue. Requesting assistance now!” The bronze dragon screamed as the entire corvette was knocked off course by a direct hit from a railgun shot, causing a small hull breach. Luckily it hit a hallway and not one of the core systems.

Then, a disk opened in space-time above the eigth fleet, the warp echoes making time itself bend around it. Then, as if being cast out from the portal of light, the organic forms of the first and second warfleets emerged from the wormhole, right on top of the 8th!

The Firebird recieved two more direct hits to the engines, drifting dead through space. The embassador barely was able to escape the vessel, now drifting in an escape pod.

Grand Flotilla Admiral Egoth stood in the bridge of his command ship, watching the progress of his aggressive jump maneouver. “Fire the orbital bombardment cannons while we are still on top of them!” The golden dragon waved his claw anxiously. The gunnery captain relayed his orders to the batteries, and the response was swift. The mostly concussive rounds badly beat the ships of the 8th fleet around. Surrender after surrender declarations were sent to the command ship, save for Admiral Horitz and a quarter of his fleet. The remaining 8th ships made the turn, burning as fast as they could to get away. A small wormhole opened, and the 8th fleet began to make their escape through it. The long range batteries of the combined 1st and 2nd fleet exchanged a salvo with the remnants of the 8th, shredding the last of the escaping ships to pieces before they could get through the portal.

“What the hell? That’s not one of our wormholes. It’s too small!” Egoth fumed and slammed his clenched fist against the command holodeck console, “Track the subspace echo and get me a location, now! And find that diplomat while you’re at it. If we hadn’t been here, we would be at war with the Republic because of the 8th Fleet! Horitz is going to answer for his crimes against the clans!” The golden drake fumed, grabbing at a hologram of the traitorous admiral, “Order the surrendered vessels to reaffirm their allegiance to the Ignis clans. We will merge the 8th fleet into the 1st and 2nd Warfleets!”

The embassador, glad to finally get picked up from the brief battle, gasped as she realized that she needed to relay a message to the Republic. Heading to the communications array, Regeth seated herself at the console, quickly coming up with a brief message.

“To our trading partners in the Republic; our embassadorial vessel was intercepted by a pirate fleet. Our First and Second warfleets responded swiftly, and the remaining pirates fled after being beaten in battle. Do not be alarmed by the military presence here. It is a precaution since this area is a hot zone with high diplomatic clearance. Additionally, our 8th Fleet has gone completely rogue after their admiral refused to be relieved of his duty. We decimated them here today, but their remaining ships present a threat to our trade. That is all for now, proceed as planned.”

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