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Summary: "I don't put much faith in fate. Much simpler to just make what you want to happen happen."

Erin Aisling Thorne

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Gender: Female

Age: Old (Iron Age)

Group: Humans

Specific subcategory of their group (see game info)


Job/Skills/Magical Prowess/Combat Capabilities [In that order, please]

Hunting monsters
Hunting, tracking, combat, languages, magic, diplomacy, hiding. Also decent social skills.
Can bind herself to the forms of a chestnut mare, coyote, peregrine falcon and orca. Adept at bindings and unbindings, can also cast camouflage and glamours and mild manipulation of the Earth. Also immune to most forms of magic (any form she's ever encountered), mildly empathic and can sense magic to a degree.
Enhanced healing, speed, strength and stamina in combat, can also bind herself to four different animal forms


Archdruid of the Raven's Nest Circle. Also honorary Hunter of sorts.

Physical Appearance

Erin's hair is long and very wavy with large curls. It's a dark brown with almost black lowlights and reddish highlights. Her eyes are blue and her skin is a light befreckled tan. She's slim but fit with very dense musculature despite her thinness. She's approximately 5'8".
There is a Celtic knot tattoo running up her right side, wrapping around her upper arm five times and ending with a triskele on the back of her right hand. Both ears are also pierced though she doesn't usually wear earrings.
Erin usually wears a loose, thin t-shirt that reveals her collarbones but not her cleavage and jeans, preferring to go barefoot. She also wears a necklace and two bracelets on each wrist of square stamped bits of silver with different symbols. Occasionally she adds similar earrings, anklets and rings, if she needs them.
These are a source of some of her power especially when cut off from Gaea and allow her to perform spellcraft much quicker.

Personality and Interests

Erin is humorous and smiles frequently but can be utterly terrifying when someone close is threatened. She hates godly interference in her life and finds it cathartic to massacre demons as a pastime. She loves her brother Callum and mother Branwen. She also likes hanging around in nature, chatting with elemental spirits or visiting the Time Islands in Tír na nÓg. And occasionally messing with the Tuathá dé Danann because she can and they're a bunch of assholes.


Erin grew up in Iron Age Ireland, when she and her brother became druids, until Aengus Óg decided to sleep with her. Erin denied him and Branwen intervened on her daughter's behalf. In the ensuing duel Aengus wounded Branwen's arm, damaging her human zoomorphic. At the conclusion of the battle Branwen took her avian form to escape and was trapped in the body of a raven, unable to retake her human appearance. Erin, Callum and Branwen then fled and left Ireland to hide from Aengus in the Isle of Mann where they met an older druidess named Tíen. Tíen taught them a several secret bindings she had learned or discovered from the Tuathá Dé, as she was the daughter of Fand and Mananann. Despite her knowledge however Tíen could do nothing to free Branwen from her avian form, though she did grant her the ability to speak. Shortly after Tíen departed and Erin and Callum started their own grove of druids. They evaded the threat of the Catholics by appearing to be upstanding Christians and teaching their apprentices in private. This only lasted a short while before the invading Norse separated the siblings; Callum was taken while Erin remained on the Isles with only a portion of her grove. It was during this time she met Cyril of Epirus and Katerina Sarri when battling a chimera, a Greek demigod son of Hermes who had won the Blessing of Ares and a Greek sorceress apprenticed to Hecate. Cyril quickly befriended Erin and they spent the night together, though Kati thought it unwise and left the Isles with Cyril shortly after. Unfortunately while Erin and the Greeks fought the chimera several Catholic zealots had discovered the identities of her grove (or what remained) and slaughtered them, leaving the corpses to rot where they lay. This was witnessed by Branwen, who warned Erin against returning home to save her from the same fate. Deciding there was no life left for her on the Isles Erin crossed the Channel in the hopes of finding her brother. First however she again came across the two Greeks, this time in the company of another familiar woman who went by Pandora at the time. When they learned of Erin's grove and her search for Callum Cyril was sympathetic and convinced the others to help her. They found Callum in Scandinavia where he had begun a family with a Norsewoman named Ashielda and served as a guardian of his community. Having helped her find him the Greeks departed again and Erin joined her brother in the Norse community for a time until their village was slaughtered by children of Loki whilst they were away, including Callum's wife and family. They returned to the Isles once more and started another grove. This ended when their former apprentice Círdan went rogue, allying with the Church to eradicate the druids. He burned their grove alive, exterminating every druid he could find. Erin and Callum only barely survived, fleeing to what they knew as Gaul. There they separated to better survive and Erin stayed hidden for a time at Bibracte, where she again met Cyril (though Kati had long since died). They became close and eventually married, though it only lasted a few decades before Círdan found and attempted to kill her. Erin fled for her own safety, leaving Cyril behind. When the threat from Círdan eventually died down Erin reunited with Callum before returning once more to the Isles. Until recently they had lain low and acted as guardians of the New World from the Old before encountering the young and promising Elenwen Grove and building another grove which became the Circle of the Raven's Nest (named for Branwen) and grew to include Elle's brother Emlen, Jemma Evilian, and Luke MacTiernan (though mainly to protect him from his father Jeffrey).

Weapons/Artifacts/Magical Items [preferably in that order if possible]

Erin currently has possession of two swords of the Tuathá dé Danann, Fragarach which belongs to Mananann mac Lír (she has it with permission) and Moraltach, which belonged to Aengus Óg. She took it after she killed him.
Fragarach cuts through anything, can summon the winds, and can be used to both paralyze a person while forcing them to tell the truth.
Moraltach will kill with one strike and whatever it cuts decays and blackens. It still takes a bit and people usually get last words.
Erin also has a staff named Foirne, which is wooden with inlays of silver and iron so it can kill werecreatures, fae, and Maenads.

Supernatural Organization Affiliated with [if there is one]

The Circle of the Raven's Nest
Now the Hunters

Relationships with Other Characters [please discuss with owner if character is not yours]

Sister of Callum Thorne, daughter of Branwen, master of Jemma Evilian's druid training. Wife of Cyril Epirus.

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