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Summary: A walking armory of demonic bloodlust trying to protect the human race.

Rynn Elesme

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Gender: Female

Age: 2429

Group: Demons

Specific subcategory of their group (see game info)

Rakshasi - transforms into a monstrous Bengal tiger

Job/Skills/Magical Prowess/Combat Capabilities [In that order, please]

Hunter of her own kind.
Combat and illusions.
A powerful illusionist, can also transform.
Highly skilled with a multitude of weapons as well as weaponless combat and can turn into a monstrous Bengal tiger.



Physical Appearance

Rynn has fiery red hair and equally fiery orange tiger eyes. Her skin is very darkly tanned. She stands at the imposing height of 6'2" has several Hindu tattoos of protection and power all over her body.

Personality and Interests

Rynn often has difficulty controlling the insatiable bloodlust she has as a Rakshasi. Unlike fellows of her race she is violently protective of the humans she encounter and will hunt down and kill or defeat any monster or demon (Rakshasa or otherwise) that intends to harm or prey upon humans. She is also fiercely protective of her romantic partner, the incubus Karayan Maxorin, occasionally to the point of jealousy towards his mortal victims.


Rynn was born in the year 413 BC(E). Her parents raised her upon the belief that her purpose in existing was to protect the human race from other creatures like her species that wished to feed upon the humans. She fought in many wars and was a lieutenant under Ashoka during the conquest of Kalinga in which conflict she first encountered the incubus Karayan Maxorin. She spent a single night with him and left before he woke to continue her work in ridding the world of demons who prey on humans. Centuries later she failed her mission and killed a human man in a fit of rage-fueled bloodlust, prompting one of the naga to challenge her to a duel. The battle ended once the naga had dealt Rynn several mortal blows and the Rakshasi no longer got up to continue the fight. The naga left and Karayan Maxorin reentered her life, coming from the hiding place where he'd witnessed the battle to find that Rynn had changed forms and now looked as he remembered her. She was not dead, however; as a Rakshasi she could only be truly killed by the use of an aastra, a weapon forged by one of the gods. The naga had used no such weapon and Rynn was powerful enough to survive its onslaught. Once Rynn had recovered she once again spent the night with Karayan, though this time she was still with him in the morning. The pair have since rejoined after every separation and slain or defeated many demons of their own kinds who took their duties beyond obligation to enjoyment and even pleasure.

Weapons/Artifacts/Magical Items [preferably in that order if possible]

Rynn has a massive arsenal to the point of her practically being a walking armory.

2 Urumi - worn as crossed belts around her waist.
1 Longsword - sheathed in a scabbard on her back.
2 Hook swords - hung from a loop on her back.
2 Arming swords - sheathed in a double scabbard on her right hip.
2 Serrated swords - sheathed in a double scabbard on her left hip.
2 Machettes - one sheathed down each boot.
2 Katars - one hung from a loop on either hip.
2 Karambits - sheathed opposite each other at the back of her waist.
24 Arrows - in a quiver on her back.
1 Springsteel Recurve bow - unstrung in a scabbard on her back.
6 Chakrams - hung from a bandolier across her chest.

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Relationships with Other Characters [please discuss with owner if character is not yours]

In a relationship with the incubus Karayan Maxorin that has spanned multiple milleniums.

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