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Summary: In a victim, it is courage and admirable; in a predator, it is a lack of humanity and instills fear.

Carmilla Icari

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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Monsters

Specific subcategory of their group (see game info)

Vampire - dhampir

Job/Skills/Magical Prowess/Combat Capabilities [In that order, please]

Leader of the Kinslayers within the clan - essentially the hunters
Killing, commanding others and eliciting fear.
The general dhampir abilities
Typical dhampir capabilities


Heir to the clan/Leader of the Kinslayers

Physical Appearance

Carmilla has long fallow yellow hair often draped limply down her back, framing an angular face. Her eyes are predatory and sea blue in color. She is thin but agile and acrobatic, with pointed fingernails sharp enough to draw blood easily. She stands around 5'10".

Personality and Interests

Carmilla is an extremely driven sociopath; if ever she performs a kindness it is for her own reasons. She is not generally selfish however and violently protective of anything she considers one of her 'possessions' (this does include other people, such as her cousin/betrothed Ascelin). Carmilla generally lacks a sense of humor but is very fond of irony and enjoys making those whom she perceives to have slighted her meet their end ironically.


Carmilla is one of the many children of William and Tereza Icari, the current clan leaders. From the onset Carmilla has been one of the more ambitious, having had at least two other potential heirs killed in hunting accidents and killing her younger brother Nicholas herself. As leader of the Kinslayers Carmilla has a strong foothold in the clan for her faction and her cousin Ascelin's allegiance to her has also earned her some favor. Currently she is in contest with her father's newly-adopted son Cynfael for the position of 'rightful' heir.

Weapons/Artifacts/Magical Items [preferably in that order if possible]

Carmilla wields a razor-sharp magically-enhanced rapier

Supernatural Organization Affiliated with [if there is one]

The Icari Clan of dhampirs

Relationships with Other Characters [please discuss with owner if character is not yours]

Betrothed to Ascelin Icari.
Possibly close with Zeric Aniless.

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Image of Carmilla Icari
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