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Summary: Hunter

Auryon Hearne

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Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Humans

Specific subcategory of their group (see game info)


Job/Skills/Magical Prowess/Combat Capabilities [In that order, please]

Typical monster-slaying. CQC/HTH, firearms, some bladed weaponry, decent tracker and mage, some witchcraft skills. Wardcraft, sealcraft, spellcraft, sygaldry, potioncraft and breachcraft. Magic, strengthening and Hunter training.



Physical Appearance

Auryon has long hair dyed blonde, usually down but she puts it up when hunting. Her eyes are blue and stormy and she is rather tan usually. She has several markings of magical significance: rune tattoos around her wrists, forearms, upper arms and ankles; seals on the back of her hands and on her heels; one rune tattooed behind each ear (ansuz on the right, fehu on the left); wards tattooed on the back of her shoulders and neck; and a complicated seal on her lower back. Her ears are pierced and she wears sodalite studs to better focus her magic.

Personality and Interests

Auryon is a tough individual, very independent and headstrong and somewhat surly at times. She is usually very friendly and supportive however, with an unwavering loyalty and reliability. She is more serious and doesn't joke often. She acts protective in a sisterly way to pretty much everyone less experienced than her.


Auryon was first introduced to the Old World by her uncle Malcolm Hearne when she turned 16. She quickly joined the Hunters and was close with Thomas McAllister, dating him for several months, before it broke off due to differences.

Weapons/Artifacts/Magical Items [preferably in that order if possible]

Standard Hunter equipment.

Supernatural Organization Affiliated with [if there is one]

The Hunters

Relationships with Other Characters [please discuss with owner if character is not yours]

Niece of Malcolm Hearne
Former partner of Thomas McAllister

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