A Brief Rest

--Thomas --
She fingered the silver pendant around her neck with one hand, tapping the pommel of Brightsteel on her hip. "These were parting gifts when I left."

Thomas looked at the pendant and sword for a moment. "They are good gifts. It'c clear your parents care for you a great deal." He smiled as he followed the rest of the group into the safe-house. As the last one in, he set the ward-stone in place, activating them and (hopefully) keeping out unwanted visitors.

--Ragnar --

"Yeah" Ragnar replied with a nod. He finished the last slice of pizza in a couple quick bites and tossed the box into the trash without standing up.
"Your students did quite well actually. Though that one," He said, pointing at the door Jemma had just walked through. "She needs training. She's just good enough to be confident, not quite good enough to be one of the greats. Not yet at least." He shrugged, not wanting to interfere with whatever plans Erin may have for her student. "I know a few people, if you're interested."

---Kaylara --
Kay followed the young girl, Jemma, out of the kitchen. She examined the diamond blade, careful not to touch it. "If I can offer some advice. I would avoid allowing others to handle that blade. It seems a bit.....temperamental, for lack of better term." She looked at the young girl carefully. Even in the world they lived in, days like today were hard on the young. "We should have a few belts and scabbards around if you need one."

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