"They are good gifts. It's clear your parents care for you a great deal."
Cerulea smiled at the comment, thinking of her past in Lithuania. She hadn't seen her parents in years. She should probably do something about that...
Once inside she turned back to Thomas. "You'll have to explain all of this to me," she said, gesturing around the interior. "I've always hunted on my own, I know nothing of actual Organizations."

Aki had up on Thomas's shoulder and fallen asleep but now he was waking up. The little blue-furred ferret stretched with a yawn, licking his chops happily and resettling himself on Thomas's shoulder.


"She needs training. She's just good enough to be confident, not quite good enough to be one of the greats. Not yet at least. I know a few people, if you're interested."
I crossed my arms and leaned against the cabinetry. "Jem is certainly not lacking confidence, that's for sure. But I agree that she needs more training. I haven't had much time recently. Who did you have in mind?"


"If I can offer some advice. I would avoid allowing others to handle that blade. It seems a bit.....temperamental, for lack of better term. We should have a few belts and scabbards around if you need one."
I showed her the ruby-encrusted scabbard I'd summoned. "I actually found the sheath already, but a belt would be nice." I put the sword away and began popping my knuckles. "As for temperamental, it guided my hand once or twice. I don't know how it did that."


Cal found me upstairs still reading the Tempest. He was shirtless, which made me blush, but I kept my nose buried in the book. It wasn't like he was completely bare-chested, anyway - there were still bandages from our encounter with Bres.
He sat down next to me pretty much exactly where Emlen had been and sighed, tilting his head back against the wall the way he always does. "This," Cal said softly, "has been one hell of a day."
"Noo kidding," I agreed, turning the page.
"Is everyone okay?"
I shrugged. "From what I can tell, yeah. Em's pretty bruised, but that's about as bad as it got."
Cal stared absently at the far side of the room. "I'm sorry we've dragged you into this, Elenwen," he murmured.
Startled, I looked at him. "What do you mean?"
He gestured vaguely with one hand. "This whole mess with the Illuminati. It's our fault."
I returned to the book, slightly nonplussed by his statement, and continued reading. There was a companionable silence.

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