Road Trip 2

"You always retaliate when someone is attacked?"
Thomas shrugged. "In a sense, yes. If it's a powerful creature that manages to kill a Hunter, we work hard to put it down, but not just out of revenge. Mostly we do it because it's something that needs dealt with before more people get hurt."
Ragnar nodded from the drivers seat. "Revenge does have a part in it though. And any group that targets us because we are Hunters? Well, the last one was in the 1860s, I think? .....Yeah, it was the, um.....Oh yeah. The Dari Vampire Clan. They began ambushing Hunters for fun. So now there is no Dari Clan." His smile was predatory at the memory.
Kaylara smiled. "We take care of our own. That's why I created the Hunters in the first place."

Cal glanced down at his wet clothing. "All I know is when I get to your Camp I'm taking a long shower."
Erin's lips twitched, her face similarly spattered in blood. "I might join you at that.

Looking at the Druid siblings, Kaylara gave an even bigger smile. "We have a bathhouse. Roman style. If there's one thing they got right, it was baths. And the water has healing properties, so we should all probably enjoy a good soak."

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