Arrival And Oath

"I haven't had a bath like that since Greece."

Kaylara laughed. "Well, you certainly will enjoy this one then."

The remainder of the drive was uneventful. It took them a couple hours, but Ragnar drove quicker than usual in order to stay ahead of any further problems.
Even with modern technology and magic, it took awhile for some things - such as the huge bounty on them - to spread among the Old World groups.

As they approached the main Hunter camp, Ragnar pulled over. "One thing before we get there." He said with a slight frown. "It's a standard precaution we take, so it's not personal. Even me and Kay have done it, though ours are different. "
He looked at Kaylara.
She too frowned but nodded. "It's a Blood Oath. You will need to swear to never reveal our location, willingly or not. If you attempt to do so to our enemies, or even without our permission, the spell will erase it from your mind or anywhere you have it written. And since it's a voluntary Oath, even if you try to protect the information, it will still be wiped in such a case.
She pulled out several scrolls, all with the spell written on them, and a small feather quill.
"The quill uses the holder's blood as ink. Much less painful than poking a finger and using you blood that way. Merely sign. And Emlan can sign later, once he's healed."

Inside the compound, Myrine had just finished a light training session with several of the present Hunters. She could feel the presence of Kay's mana and Ragnar outside the barrier. "Tell them I will be in the baths. We're gonna need to talk." She said to one of the Hunters who nodded. "Yes ma'am. I can do that."
Myrine walked off, stretching as she went. "I had forgotten how lovely the baths were here." she muttered to herself.

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