Camp Arrival


"The quill uses the holder's blood as ink. Much less painful than poking a finger and using you blood that way. Merely sign. And Emlen can sign later, once he's healed."
I smirked. "So now the Hunters have Umbridge quills," I muttered, taking it and signing the spell, handing the both to her brother. "Now, about that bath..."

A long Roman bath later

The Hunter Camp was impressive, a giant complex with workshops, storehouses, libraries, armories - practically anything that might become necessary in their line of work. Plus their baths were magnificent.
Their defenses were extensive too; wards, enchantments, curses, seals, and a truly staggering amount of rather horrific traps. I knew CĂ­rdan had no qualms with casualties aside from loss of strategical manpower, but I doubted he'd try something as difficult as this.
At least, I hoped he wouldn't.

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