Settling In

After the long overdue bath, Kaylara sat behind her desk checking reports. Most were routine, though a few stood out as interesting.
Fortunately, her Huntmasters were all strong. In the old days they would have been known as 'heroes', and rightfully so. Most reports she got were after the trouble had ended, though some of the troublesome diplomacy was dumped on her lap to be dealt with.
She looked up at Ragnar who was sitting at his own desk. "Anything interesting in yours?"
He shook his head. "No. Sent word to have the damage in Boston repaired, but the rest is the usual stuff." He looked at the computer sitting on his desk. "I also managed to put out a bounty on any information regarding Druids. Since all but the one after us are here, that should give us a heads up." He shrugged. At this point, there wasn't much more to do but prepare what they could and train the young ones.
Kaylara nodded. "Good. Doc said that Emlan is responding well to the healing, so we should be in the clear. Want to let Erin and Callum know?"
Ragnar stood with a nod. "Let's."

Myrine stood looking over the young people seated at the table before her. Over the centuries she had gained the skill, like many Immortal warriors, to gauge someone's fighting capabilities merely by observing them.
One of them, Thomas, she knew though only a little. Of the others, some were obviously warriors. The grey haired one was skilled, though she could use some polish. The one with bright hair had the bearings of a fighter, but she clearly lacked the dedicated training required to bring out one's full potential. The rest varied in skill.
She stepped towards the table. "Greetings, younglings. I am Myrine. Which of you is the student of Erin Thorne?"

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