New Home


"Greetings, younglings. I am Myrine. Which of you is the student of Erin Thorne?"
I smiled and raised a hand. "That would be me, Jemma Evilian. Granddaughter of Dionysus and Pluto."


Lea's brows went up slightly at Jemma's words. She didn't know much about Greco-Roman deities but she knew Dionysus to be one of the most dangerous and potent. The mage glanced at Thomas beside her, who was sharing a similar expression of surprise.


Having learned from the Doc that Emlen was doing better, I went to the place I usually go to clear my head - the library.
I'd noticed on my way in that there were a few different libraries throughout the Camp for various purposes - researching monsters, magic, Old World history - but there was also a small library full of the classics.
So I sat down and started on The Merchant of Venice.


The Hunter's Camp was large and well equipped, and briefly I thought of what my father would do to get his hands on resources like these. The MacTiernans were well aware of the Hunters' existence, but their pride in themselves and confidence in their competence had kept them separate for a very long time, even as far back as Kaylara's forming of the Hunters.
Their independence didn't make them any less jealous of Kaylara's setup though.


Cal and I were repairing his triskele when Ragnar and Kaylara came to tell us Emlen was recovering. What that means is that we were in the bushes, since druid tattoos can only be applied by a thorn from a living thornbush. I was almost done when they eventually found us.

~Czech Republic, Syndikát Zrádců~

"Eduard is sure?"
The woman nodded. "The Circle has joined the Hunters."
Before her the cloaked figure crossed his arms. "That certainly makes things difficult. Not that I expected the Thornes to roll over and die, but...very difficult, very difficult indeed." He remained silent a moment. "And Mishka?"
Ivona bowed her head. "She is recovering. Milán taught her a necessary lesson on obedience."
"Milán had better not damage her too much - we need her for the trap."
"Understood. Is there anything else?"
"Tell Andrej I think there are too many Hunters in the Czech Republic. You are dismissed."
The woman gave a curt bow, turned silently on her heel, and left.

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