The War Begins

"That would be me, Jemma Evilian. Granddaughter of Dionysus and Pluto."

"Oh?" Myrine looked the girl over again. Dionysus and Pluto. An interesting combination of bloodlines. Which would account for both the power she sensed and the girls confidence.
A slow, almost predatory smile spread across her face. It would be fun to give this girl the strength to back that confidence up.
"You are going to be my student, for now. I will not be teaching you how to fight, but how to win a fight. " Her smile grew slightly. "And quitting is not an option once we start."

Thomas quickly schooled his expression.
What a combination, he thought to himself. It wasn't every day you ran into the descendant of two major gods. Not in the modern age. And especially not that closely related.
He thought for a long moment, then stood and gave a bow towards Myrine. "My Lady, if I may. I would like to join your training as well."
He held the bow, waiting for a reply.

Myrine chuckled. "It would seem Kaylara has you well trained in courtesy at least. Very well boy. You may join. And that girl beside you as well, should she wish to. "

Ragnar and Kaylara found the two Druids sitting in a bush.
Kaylara smirked at the two as she approached. "I can think of a few jokes about Druids and bushes, but I'll refrain for now." Her eyes were bright with laughter as she sat down beside them, patting the ground beside her for Ragnar to join.
"Your boy is doing well. Doc says he'll need some rest, and maybe some more minor healing, but he'll pull through just fine." Looking at the work Erin had been doing she asked, "And how goes this? If you need anything further, we may have it, or we can get it."

~Inside the Czech Republic ~
"Damn it! Where the hell are they coming from?!" The voice was coming from a young Hunter who was currently huddled behind a car door. His and several other teams had been enjoying a celebratory meal after taking out a huge ogre infestation.
The attackers were clearly Human and had caught them unaware and worse, lightly armed.
"Two o'clock! Three targets." Another Hunter shouted as he fired rapidly. He was one of the four remaining Hunters alive.
Unfortunately for them, the three targets at two o'clock were a decoy. Several shots fired rapidly and all of the Hunters fell, only one still alive.
As he lay there panting, trying to put pressure on the wound, a figure approached. It gave a cruel smile. "Andrej says hello." Then, the figure pulled a trigger.

"Hey! Got another target!" BAM! "Target down." The three Hunters looked around again. Several bodies were lying on the ground, including one of their own.
Fortunately for the Hunters, they had been going to help deal with a troublesome den of rouge vampires. Not only had they been expecting an ambush, but they were armed with enough weaponry to fight a small war.
They quickly loaded back up and headed for a safehouse. "Call the Boss. That wasn't a random attack."

Several other incidents occurred very quickly, usually leaving a pile of bodies on both sides. It didn't take long for the Hunters who survived to retreat in an attempt to regroup and figure out who their attacker was. The European Huntmaster, Devon Courtenay, placed all Hunters in and around Czech on High Alert. And he himself began searching for clues to their attackers identity, since few survived to bring information.
It sounded to him like one of several organizations, but none would dare attack the Hunters. Not without an external force pushing them to it.

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