Some Things, You Probably Shouldn't Start

"So, any word on Círdan yet?"

Ragnar shook his head. "No. I put a bounty on any information related to him, but it may be awhile before we get a reliable tip." He gave a shrug. "Now, we play the waiting game."

"It never crossed my mind."

"Oh, it will." Myrine replied. "If it doesn't at least once, that will mean I'm not working you hard enough."

"I will, Lady Myrine."

"Excellent. I have not had this many students in quite some time."
She looked at her new students, much more serious now. "Rest today. Tomorrow, Jemma will be fitted for a full set of gear. I have contracted the dwarf Nabbi to create it for you. Thomas, Cerulea you will both have your gear checked by him as well. The day after, you will all be present at the training grounds at sunrise. You will be bathed and fed before arrival. You will be in my care until sunset. For one month you will do nothing but what I tell you. After that, we shall see. Understand?"

"Mishka just called me - there's a trap being set up. For you. Illuminati are targeting the Circle, the Hunters, everyone, to get to you. Something's just happened in the Czech Republic and people are dead."

Kaylara listened to Luke's report quietly, her face going blank as he spoke. It was obvious that he believed what his friend had reported. "Ragnar, dear, do you have your phone?"
Ragnar nodded. "Yeah. Let me call Devon." He stood and walked a few paces away before dialing. It took only a minute or two before he returned.
"Well, something is going on over there. Devon has them on High Alert."
"I see." Kaylara replied simply. The look on her face was enough to make even Ragnar shudder. She closed her eyes and took a long breath. "It would seem your former student has decided to begin something that he should not have. So be it."
Standing, she called out in a loud voice infused with magic. It was a spell designed to send her words to every Hunter Camp and safehouse across the world.
"Hunters! We are now at war! Cirdan the Druid and his allies are from this day forth our enemies. Wherever they are, crush them! Drive them from the land! Leave not one alive!"
There was a good reason the Hunters hadn't been to war in over 200 years. The last war had destroyed numerous organizations and all of their allies down to the last member. Kaylara had personally ensured that every single one of them was killed.
Because while she was normally reserved, targeting her Hunters was one thing guaranteed to arouse the anger of the oldest Immortal.
Not to mention, she had promised the Circle safety. And that Oath she took as serious as her responsibility as Mistress of the Hunt.

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