Marching On

"I understand, Διδασκάλισσα."

Myrine smiled. "Enjoy the rest of your night. For the next month you will be quite busy." She turned and left them to their own activities. She would need to plan a bit more for her lessons.
As she was heading back to her room she heard Kaylara's declaration and frowned. It took a lot for the Hunters to go to war.
"Cirdan the Druid. Hmm. I wonder what sort of fool he is?" she muttered quietly to herself. Regardless, her students would need to be pushed hard to be ready for the war that was coming.
Myrine was starting to be even happier that she had agreed to this. It had been too long since she had taken part in a war.

Thomas also heard Kaylara's declaration and he paled. He had been studying under her and Ragnar directly for a couple years and never had he heard her voice so cold.
Not to mention, He was well aware of what had happened the last tine the Hunters went to war.
"Well, things seem to have gotten interesting." He said, looking at the others. "Looks like we're gonna have to work even harder than we thought."

"I think, in order to properly defeat our wayward apprentice, we'll need to spring the trap he sets. I don't need you to come with us - it's not your responsibility - I just need you to promise that whatever happens to myself and Callum, you will look after the others."

"Of course it is my responsibility," Kaylara replied, slightly irked that Erin would believe otherwise. "I made it my responsibility when I agreed to help you. And he made it more so when he attacked my people."
She sat back down and sighed. "Your students will remain here, protected and trained. I would not do otherwise no matter the situation. Nor would any of my people." She reached out and placed a hand on Erin's shoulder. "Now, we must prepare for what he will do next. Our Armory has.....well, just about everything. Potions, mana-filled gems, runestones, weapons that even I don't know where they're from or what they do, and more. It's open to you. Take what you think you might need."

Devon Courtenay sighed as he hung up the phone with Nathan. His team of Hunters had fared better than most. The one thing he wasn't looking forward too though was telling Nina about her father.
They had found him barely alive and, as of now, he was critical but stable. Even if he survived, he could never be a Hunter again. That was going to be hard on her once she heard.
Not that they would abandon him. One thing about the Hunters was they took care of their own. They had an entire hidden Camp (only people sent there and Huntmasters know where it is) dedicated to retired or crippled Hunters. Or, if they preferred, they would be given a house (protected, of course) and a pension.

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