Swords, Snakes, and Maidens

"Yeah. Um, Thomas, since we'll be staying here a while, can you help me find a room?"

"Yeah, no problem. Spare room in the main house or cabin?" Thomas replied. One good thing about the Camp was they had plenty of spare rooms. Or cabins for people who preferred a bit more privacy.
"Hmm. Cabin." Came the answer after a brief moment.
Thomas gave a slightly over exaggerated bow. "Well then, if the Lady will follow me, I shall lead you to your new adobe." He straightened back up with a grin and headed towards one of the empty cabins.
Like most Hunter Camp buildings, they were small, yet the insides were more spacious than they should be. Stocked with comfortable furniture as well as food and other necessities, one could avoid others for weeks if they desired.
He lead Lea to the cabin closest to the training grounds. "This is one of my favorites when I need some space." He told her as he opened the door. He gestured for her to enter first.
"The cabins don't have locks. Instead, the first to enter is considered the occupant and magic keeps out any unwanted guests. Even Kaylara can't enter without permission." Thomas explained as he followed her inside. "It resets once they have been empty for a week."

"Yes, just nastier. A lot nastier. Tíen didn't like people bothering her."

Kaylara gave the sword a look. Tíen Saileach. She knew of the person, but had never encountered her. "I was unaware she was a craftsmen, to create such a blade." She shook her head, mildly annoyed she hadn't deduced it's purpose. "Well, as a Druid's blade, it is rightfully yours."
She looked around the room. Several weapons of legend adorned the walls. Nægling. Joyeuse. And yet one seemed more appropriate than the others.
"Worochi-no-Aramasa," Kaylara muttered as she approached the weapon. "The sword the god Susanoo used to fight the Orochi. I managed to find the pieces and repair it. Perhaps it would be poetic to use this against a snake like Cirdan."
She drew the blade halfway, looking it over. "What do you think?" She asked the others.

"Oh," she whispered. "Oh God."

Nathan cursed under his breath as he looked at the creature before them.
Yamata no Orochi.
His familiarity with Far Eastern myths was lacking more than he cared to admit, but he recognized this creature. Even the god Susanoo had trouble with this one.
As it advanced towards them he looked at the young girl beside him.
"Whatever you do," he said very quietly, "do not panic. Now get out of the van, slowly." He climbed out himself as the rest of the Hunters followed. Getting them to the edge of the road, they all stood stone still.
The Orochi looked at the van, then gave a terrifying cry as two of it's heads bit into the vehicle, crushing it like a can beneath a boot. Seven of the heads took turns snatching the van, tearing it apart.
But one head lowered and looked at the Hunters. Or rather, at one Hunter in particular.
Snakes and Dragons had an affinity for young maidens. Such was true across all cultures and myths.
The Eight Headed Snake was no different.
"Don't move." Nathan whispered as the head approached. It's eye, easily as big as a person, was looking directly at Nina.
Suddenly, all eight heads reared up and looked east. The Orochi gave another cry and began to move away from them.
As it moved out of sight (which took awhile, considering it's size) Nathan felt his knees go weak. "You guys okay?" He asked quietly.

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