The Trap Is Laid

~Cerulea Galva~

"It resets once they have been empty for a week."
Lea looked around the cabin. "Thank you." Then she thought for a moment. "How do you plan to spend the rest of the day?"
She liked Thomas. Quite a lot. And besides, he needed to learn about Aki. She'd enjoy spending more time with him, at any rate.

~Erin Thorne~

She drew the blade halfway, looking it over. "What do you think?" She asked the others.
I looked at the blade, noticing the thin weblike lines of where it had originally broken. I handed it back to Kaylara. "Thank you for the offer, but we already have Dealga and Fragarach. I think we are prepared."

~Nina Maldova~

"You guys okay?" he asked quietly.
Nina nodded, releasing the breath she'd held. "What was that thing?"
"Yamata no Orochi, Japanese monster. It was originally killed by the god Susanoo," the Senior Huntsman explained. "Like most snakes and dragons, it has an affinity for maidens."
"Which is why it was staring at me," Nina continued. "But why'd it leave?"
This time Carson spoke: "That creature's compelled to cause havoc. Terrorize towns and villages, not kill some random people in the woods."
Nathan pulled out his phone and walked a little ways farther. "I'mma call this in and ask for a vehicle."
Nina nodded and sat down, hugging her legs to her chest. Emil sat down beside her, laying his uninjured arm across her shoulders. "You sure you're okay?"
She nodded again, then sighed. "I'm fine. I just... I wish we knew what was going on." They sat in peaceful silence for a few more moments.
Nathan hung up and shoved the phone back in his pocket. "Vehicle's on the way. Devon's gonna call Kaylara about the Orochi. In the meantime, just be grateful that thing has a short attention span."

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