Bait Should Be Irresistible

"How do you plan to spend the rest of the day?"

"Hadn't really thought about it," Thomas replied with a shrug. He gave Aki, who was sitting on his shoulder, a scratch on the head. "I figured I would let this guy run around and check the place out, but other than that, no plans." He gave Lea a smile. "Maybe you could tell me a bit about him?"

"Thank you for the offer, but we already have Dealga and Fragarach. I think we are prepared."

Kaylara took the blade back from Erin. "I have a feeling we will be wanting this with us. Call it intuition." She winked at the Druidess. While Kay didn't exactly have foresight, she did have incredible instincts honed over millennia. "So I'll carry this, and Ragnar can have his sword back."
"About time," Ragnar grumbled. He didn't mind letting Kay use his sword, but he could never understand why she insisted on it. It wasn't like they didn't have other weapons.
Just then Kaylara's phone rang. Much like Myrine's, only a few could call this one. Or rather than "call", a more appropriate description would be a communication spell using the phone as a catalyst. It was tricky unless you knew the other person well.
"Yes, Devon?" Kaylara answered, concerned. She was silent for a long moment. "Thank you, dear. I will contact you again soon."
She hung up and looked at the others. "It would seem our foe has baited his trap. Yamata no Orochi. We may have underestimated his resources." Her eyes were bright with challenge as she spoke. Her anger was still there, but she was starting to anticipate this. It had been quite awhile since she had had a good battle.

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