~Mishka Doshkov~

"Let's get you wrapped up, young one."
Mishka only managed two words before she passed out.
"Thank you."

~Luke MacTiernan~

"Damn kid. You aren't supposed to get yourself killed."
I groaned as Ragnar pulled me to a sitting position. "Trust me, it wasn't my intention."

~3rd Person POV, Tír na nÓg~

Almost immediately after Círdan killed Callum Thorne the demons began charging to his body to eat. Erin grabbed Fragarach from her brother's dead fingers and began dual wielding, cutting down any of the hellish fiends that tried to approach. Eventually they began to back off. The portal to Hell shrunk and became veiled, and the demons could no longer pass through.
"Círdan Ó Gealbháin. You have used druidry for yourself, you have defiled the sacred grounds of Tír na nÓg and you have caused harm with your magic. You are a murderer, a deceiver, a coward and a traitor. You're death is imminent. What have you to say?"
The druid laughed. "You can't scare me with words and threats, Erin Thorne. Already your brother lies dead. Do you think you won't meet the same fate?"
"I am not Erin Thorne, fool." The woman's eyes flashed a brilliant, glowing green. "You have angered me, and you will very much regret that."
Again the druid laughed, but a little less hearty this time. "You can't fool me woman. I know you're bluffing."
"I do not lie, Círdan Ó Gealbháin. Do you not understand? Erin may have her vengeance for Callum at a later time but I will take mine now." She charged towards Círdan Ó Gealbháin, her eyes still glowing green, both swords dully gleaming and slick with the black blood of demons.
Círdan's eyes widened as he whispered; "Gaia." He turned to the devils around the clearing, noticing now that most lay dead. "Hellspawn! Kill the druidess!"
The demons charged her and suddenly Círdan Ó Gealbháin felt the largest surge of mana he ever had through his feet as the ground erupted and promptly swallowed the fiends, Gaia herself not even missing a step. He tried to muster forces from the earth but came dry - she'd cut him off.
Gaia reached him and he began fighting for his life. He first disarmed her of Dealga, which she didn't seem to mind and continued on with Fragarach. No wound he dealt her seemed to do damage.
For the first time in many long years of Immortality, Círdan Ó Gealbháin began to fear death.

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