What Vengeance Brings

--Ragnar --
"Trust me, it wasn't my intention."

Ragnar gave a slight smile. "Well, you didn't do too bad, all things considered." He tied off the bandage and patted Luke on the shoulder. Even with magic, he was in for a hell of a recovery.
He looked up at Kaylara, who was tying off a bandage on Mishka. "How's the girl?" he asked.

-Kaylara --
Kaylara sighed. "She should be fine, but it's gonna be a long time til she's very active."
Just then she froze, feeling a massive surge of mana flowing.
"Oh my. That is not good."
Judging from the feel it was coming from Tír na nÓg. And unless she was wrong.....no. That was definitely her. Gaia.
It had been a long time since Gaia manifested and it didn't bode well.
"Ragnar dear. Do you mind caring for the children for awhile? It seems I have some work to do."
Ragnar nodded, confused by her words. "Sure, but what's up?"
"Oh, just an old acquaintance acting up." Kaylara replied with a smile, though she was quite worried.
Walking a short distance away from the others, she cleared the snow from the ground and began carving runes into the ground, chanting in a language that no longer even had a name.
The purpose of the spell was to seal off the realm of Tír na nÓg for a short time. Hopefully, if it worked properly, it would prevent Gaia's influence from wrecking any of the Mortal realm.
It would be an exhausting night.

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