~Tír na nÓg~

The light faded from Círdan Ó Gealbháin's eyes as he slumped to the ground, Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi falling from his hand.
Gaia lowered Fragarach, the green of her eyes fading a little. She gathered the demons into a mound and covered it with hard rock, then carefully laid down Callum in the bloody grass and cleaned the weapons.
At this point a black-cloaked rider on a pale horse exited the veiled Hell portal and a pale, black-haired woman entered the clearing. Gaia turned to the rider. "Take what remains of Círdan Ó Gealbháin's soul with you." Death nodded, snatched what appeared to be a grey wisp of smoke from the druid's body and galloped back to Hell, the portal sealing after him. Gaia turned now to the Morrigan. "Do as you wish with Círdan's body but leave Callum's. He's already gone to Manannan." Then the green of her eyes faded and Erin Thorne collapsed, side by side with her brother.

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