Recovery, The Beginning

--Kaylara ---
Kaylara sighed as the massive amounts of mana faded. It had taken everything she had to hold back the influence of Gaia from affecting the world, even from Tír na nÓg.
Despite how long or short the battle may have seemed from the side of the Thornes, much of the night and early morning had passed for the Hunters.
"Ragnar, darling, would you be so kind as to do me a favor?" She called out to the Norseman, who was sitting nearby. The two wounded youngsters had been placed in a nearby tent set up by the backup that had arrived some hours ago.
"Of course. What do you need?" He replied, standing up and walking to the edge of the magic circle.
"I'm going to reopen the portal the Thornes went through earlier, as it still lingers somewhat. I would like you to go and retrieve them, if they still live." Kaylara replied with a tired smile. She expected the two Druids were alive. Few could stand against Gaia when she awoke, and if Cirdan had had that power, he would have easily killed the Thornes years ago. "I fear if I try, I shall pass out on that side. And I have no desire to miss a few centuries."
Ragnar nodded. Travel to other realms was dangerous without a proper doorway. It was no accident that many stories involving humans in the Fey Realms had them returning centuries later.
"Of course. Just keep it open for a bit and I'll be right back."

--Ragnar --
As he stepped through the portal, Ragnar sighed. It was obvious that Kay thought the Druids were alive, otherwise she would not have sent him.
As he looked around, he saw the evidence of a great battle. And, was that....Taking a big breath, Ragnar frowned. Yep. Demon blood. Even though the bodies were gone, somehow, the smell lingered. Even somewhere like Tír na nÓg was going to have trouble growing anything here for a while.
That's when he noticed the two Druids lying on the ground and another woman standing over them.
"Ah, Morrigan. It has been too long, goddess." Ragnar called out to the woman, whom he had had dealings with before, while in Odin's service.
"Ragnar Lothbrook. Why are you here, of all places?" The voice of the goddess was strange, as if it were there and not there at the same time. This was her plane of existence, and she, as all deities, was far stronger here.
"I have come for the two before you. They are our allies and my Mistress has asked me to retrieve them if I can." He replied respectfully. Ragnar rather liked the strange goddess, despite her usual mannerisms.
"Ah, that one. Very well. Take them, though one has passed. For now. Be sure he is honored properly.
Ragnar nodded. Part of her words made little sense, but that was usually the case. He carefully lifted up the two Druids, one dead, one alive, and carried them back to the Mortal Realm.
"Hey, Kay. Erin is still alive, but Callum is dead. 'For now' as the Morrigan put it." He told Kaylara as he stepped out.
Kaylara nodded. "Well, it could be worse I suppose. Now if you'll excuse me, darling, I need to sleep." As she spoke her words slurred a bit and she lay down, instantly asleep.
"Great, now I gotta carry three bodies to the tent." Ragnar muttered to himself.

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