Life Continues - 7 Dec 2015, Various Locations


Elle regained consciousness with a groan and sat up groggily, rubbing her eyes.
"Morning," greeted Luke to her left, though his voice sounded strained. She glanced at where he sat a few feet away, still feeling lethargic, and noticed the bloody bandages wrapped around his right side. She blinked.
"Whahappenayou?" the druidess asked, unintentionally slurring the words.
Luke grimaced. "Tyrfing." He nodded to the unconscious form laying beside him whom Elle only now realized was Mishka with a bloody stomach. "Same goes for her."
Elenwen's cognitive functions were beginning to gain their normal speed and a thought occurred to her. "Wait, did you...?" she asked, leaving most of the question unsaid and gesturing to the witch.
Luke shook his head. "Technically the other witch, Ivona, did this to both of us. Although," he grimaced again, having tried to adjust his position and disturbing his wound, "Mishka was holding it when I got hurt."
Elle nodded, then clutched her head as a migraine attacked. "Ow. How long've I been out?"
Luke released a sigh that quickly turned into a sharp hiss as pain once more lanced through his side. "Six, seven hours? That was no tap on the head you took."
She nodded again, slower this time, and surveyed the tent. The only other occupants aside from her were Luke and Mishka. "Where're the Thornes?"
Her question was answered as Ragnar entered the tent, somehow managing to balance the three bodies of the Thornes and an unconscious Kaylara in his arms. Erin, Elenwen noticed with a sinking feeling, was covered in blood. Ragnar set them down, careful to be gentle, and sat himself.
"See you're awake," he said to the druidess, but she wasn't paying attention to him. She checked for Erin's pulse and was relieved to find it was present. Then she moved on to Callum.
"I uh, wouldn't bother with him, møy*." The Nord looked uncomfortable.
"Oh." The word was small and faint coming from her lips. She looked back to Cal's still body. "Oh."
Luke glanced between the two of them, his gaze lingering on Ragnar. "What happened?"


I woke up earlier than usual and went straight to the bathroom near the room I'd chosen - a corner room on the second floor, high enough to get a view but low enough I wouldn't die on impact if the need arose - to complete my morning toiletries. In the mirror I noticed my hair was disheveled and knotted and I'd have to brush it out.
Most people didn't realize it but the pink and purple of my hair wasn't dye. I was born blonde with very pale blue eyes. At my third birthday I encountered a short man with a chubby face, red nose and curly black hair that looked almost purple in some lighting. Being three I had no qualms about strangers and eagerly began a conversation with the man, who picked me up and set me on his knee. I showed him a drawing I'd made earlier before the party of a girl with pink and purple hair and heterochromatic azure and kelly green eyes. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him I wanted to look like the girl in the picture. He smiled at me and tapped my nose, putting me down on the floor and then vanished. My parents were surprised when they saw that my hair was now pink and purple and my heterochromatic eyes azure and kelly green.
I found out later the man was Dionysus, my grandfather.
I tapped the mirror and all of a sudden it showed not just my typical physical appearance but also my mana field and aura, and my chakra points, which I found weird but really cool.
Hunter stuff is cool.
I showered, got dressed in a plain tee and jeans - barefoot just for fun - and headed downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast, where I found Thomas eating cereal and reading something off a tablet.
I tried to read over his shoulder but unfortunately due to my grandfather being Dionysus I am slightly dyslexic and glowing screens usually make it worse. So I gave up and sat across from him, eating another can of pears and using the small knife I'd made from the Coke bottle to spear the fruit slices.
"Morning Thomas. What're you reading?"

Cerulea woke up when the sun was just beginning to turn the sky grey and after a brief moment when she didn't know where she was released a contented sigh. She'd slept very well, the comfortable cottage beds being a major improvement upon the typical park bench. She'd realized last night that the wardrobe in her bedroom was like the wardrobe at the safehouse and pressed a palm against it now, imagining the clothes she wanted.
In about five minutes Lea exited the small cottage wearing jeans, a green tee and a white bomber jacket and ankle boots and headed off towards the main building in search of Thomas.

*Møy: Maiden; pretty, young, unmarried

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