A Fest and Breakfast - 7 Dec 2015 - Various

"What happened?"

Ragnar gave a smile, tinged with a slight sadness. "What happened was a great battle that even the gods might envy. Until Erin awakens we can not know the details, yet it appears they fought an army of demons and still prevailed." He was a bit jealous actually. The chance for such a feat was rare in this age. Songs and tales of it would be told for ages to come.
"All we can do for now is honor the fallen as they deserve." The Morrigan's words were still on his mind. For now.
"Once we finish clearing out and cleaning up the area, we will hold a great fest to honor Callum Thorne, Immortal Druid." His voice was raised slightly, so the other Hunters around could hear his words.
"Pozdrav k padlým! Nechť jejich jména žijí ve slávě navždy!" A shout raised from the others around. They may not have known what happened, but they knew a warrior such as Callum Thorne could only fall gloriously. And as such, they would celebrate him.

---Thomas ---
"Morning Thomas. What're you reading?"

"Reports. I help sort the ones sent here and decide who needs to review them." Thomas replied with a grin. "It's pretty tedious work so we split it up, but it helps keep me on top of what's happening. I can also add relevant information or other reports if they're needed."
As unofficial assistant to both Ragnar and Miss Kay, reports addressed to them were almost always sent through him. He didn't really need to read them but, as he said, it helped him keep on top of things. Like the reports already coming in from Czech. The death toll already rolling in reinforced his desire to train even more.
He looked up as Lea walked in. "Hey, want some breakfast? We have anything you could want."

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