A New Day - 7 Dec 2015


A shout raised from the others around. They may not have known what happened, but they knew a warrior such as Callum Thorne could only fall gloriously. And as such, they would celebrate him.
Luke looked to the still, lifeless form of the druid and felt a sudden rush of regret, wishing he'd known the man better or been able to call him a friend. As it was now Luke was glad to have known him.
"Get out of there, Luke!"
The boy ignored his uncle and continued towards where the sphinx lay caught in the net, growling. "I have to show Dad I can do this!"
The sphinx's black eyes followed him as he came nearer, the dark irises glistening. When the boy came within a few feet of the creature it suddenly reared up, shaking the net off and lunged at the young warlock.
Luke had nowhere to run as the massive beast pinged him to the field, it's claws digging into the meat of his shoulders.
"You're a fool, child," it hissed, opening is maw wide.
But just before the sphinx could make a meal of him an arrow plunged into the soft tissue of its neck. The growl turned to a gurgle as the sphinx jerked to see its attackers. Luke looked too.
Standing next to a tree were two adults, a man and a woman, siblings by the looks of them. Both were freckled brunettes, dressed simply in plain clothes and light leather armor. Both held gigantic yew bows pulled to full draw with razor sharp arrows nocked to the string.
"Leave him." The man's voice was calm but threatening.
The sphinx hissed. "What business is it of yours? I caught the fool, he's mine."
This time the woman spoke; "Heed us, beast. We will let you go if you release him but any attempt to harm the boy results in the end for you."
It tried to laugh and ended up coughing hoarsely. "What power have you to order me, she-man? This boy is my kill, and I will not part from him till I have gorged."
The siblings exchanged a glance, then released the tension of their bows. Luke felt his stomach plummet as they disappeared but the sphinx kept its gaze fixated on the point where they had stood. "What, you think I can't still smell yo–"
It sniffed the air, looking around suspiciously. "You cannot hide your scents for long, manlings. The wind will change."
Then two animals appeared, a charging mare and a harpy eagle. The horse slammed it's shoulder into the sphinx, heaving it off of Luke, as the eagle dived and tore at the beast's throat with its talons. The horse then morphed into the form of the woman. "We didn't hide our scents, sphinx," she wanted, "we changed them."
The sphinx, its throat a bloody mess, released one last gurgle before it shuddered and died.
The woman then helped Luke to a sitting position and began to examine the wounds on his shoulders. After a minute her brother joined her. "It's never a good idea to fight a monster on your own," he chided. Luke's shoulders properly bandaged, the two stood again and vanished. This time Luke had a feeling they weren't just invisible.

With a hiss the warlock shifted to a slightly more comfortable position. "He saved my life when I was a boy once," Luke murmured. "I never thanked him."


"It's pretty tedious work so we split it up, but it helps keep me on top of what's happening. I can also add relevant information or other reports if they're needed."
I nodded, dumping the empty pear can in the sink and cleaning the knife. Then I hopped up on the counter and, summoning a batch of grapes, began popping them in my mouth.
What can I say, I like fruit.
Thomas looked up as Cerulea came in. "Hey, want some breakfast? We have anything you could want."
She nodded and began rummaging through the fridge before finding some Lithuanian dish I probably couldn't pronounce let alone spell.
I nodded to Thomas again. "Any word from Ragnar?"


The druidess stirred, groaning.
She blinked. She was still in Tír na nÓg it seemed.
The woman propped herself up. Across from her, sitting cross-legged, was a young girl with curly black hair in a green dress. "Hello Erin."
Erin stared at her groggily. "Gaia?"
Gaia smiled sadly at her. "Do you remember anything?"
"Yeah I think–oh." Her voice faltered and she looked away.
Gaia traced the hem of her dress with a finger. "He's been reborn already, if that's any comfort."
Erin nodded, then returned her gaze to the elemental. "You possessed me, didn't you?"
Gaia shrugged. "Círdan took a life with his druidry. I couldn't let him live."
Erin nodded again and glanced away.
The elemental sighed. "In any case, you need to return to the living. I've healed your wounds and the Nord carried you back. Farewell, Erin Thorne."
The glade of Tír na nÓg began to whirl around Erin with increasing celerity as she closed her eyes until it just stopped.
Erin blinked. Above her was the canvas ceiling of a tent. She was laying on her back in what felt like wet grass. Slowly the druidess sat up, noticing the other conscious occupants of the tents were staring at her. A solemn half-smile flitted across her lips. "Morning."

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