Calls and Death

---Kaylara / Ragnar ---
"In druidic beliefs when a person...dies, they are taken to Mag Mell under the care of Manannan and are given the choice to remain or be reborn. Cal and I promised each other that if that ever happened we'd choose rebirth.So I know eventually I'll find him again." Her voice cracked but as yet tears had not formed in her eyes.
Luke looked up. "Does that mean CĂ­rdan can--"
Erin shook her head. "Death took his soul to Hell. He won't be coming back any time soon."

"I had forgotten that," Kaylara muttered more to herself than anything. It would make sense though that Gaia would allow Callum's soul to return. 2000 years of Druidic practice would leave it's mark, guiding the soul back towards such things even without memories. Even a primordial force such as her would be eager to have a follower like that back, given the chance.

"Yeah, I wouldn't count on Cirdan returning. Probably ever. The Morrigan seemed quite eager to ensure that Death kept him." Ragnar said, a trace of anger and, perhaps, fear in his voice. He had faced gods before and knew full well there were many he could not best. But only a few truly scared him and the Morrigan was at the top of that list.

Kaylara glanced in his direction a slightly sour look on her face. "Gaia, Death, and the Morrigan. No wonder it was so hard to keep their power in check. Gaia may have possessed Erin, but the other two fools probably manifested themselves. Idiots."
She took a deep breath and sighed. "No matter. Are the others preparing for the fest? I am hungry and I am sure the young ones are as well."

"Yeah. It'll be about an hour til it's ready. Callum will get a proper fest in his honor. I swore such." Ragnar said as he stood to check on their progress.
The Hunters were setting up a massive tent, akin to a circus tent, to allow for everyone to join the fest. It would take only a little more time to cook the food, since so much was needed.

----Thomas ---
"What did that mean?"
He shrugged. "I don't know. But she was right about Myrine."

Thomas looked back at the tablet before turning away. It was a bitter blow in their moment of triumph to lose such a man. The Druid's experience and power could have been immensely valuable. Not to mention he seemed like a genuinely good man.
"We should - " he paused as his phone rang. Only eight people had that number. Three of them were in Czech and the others had just sent their reports to Miss Kay and would have no reason to call.
He answered it cautiously. "Who is this? How did you get this number?"
It paid to be careful when speaking to unknown entities. Some of them were clever with words and could trick you into many unfavorable situations.

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