Choices - 7 Dec 2015 - Various

--Kaylara --
I can't imagine what it's like, Kaylara thought sadly to herself as Erin walked towards the trees. She had lost many friends over her long life, but none so close to her as Callum and Erin had been. Even with the promise of eventual re-connection, it had to be tough.
"It would seem I need to begin strengthening both myself, and my Hunters. We have been complicit too long."
Too many of her Hunters had been lost and a close ally had suffered greatly as well. Kaylara had no intention of allowing it to happen again.

----Thomas ---
Thomas looked at his phone. "Well, this should prove interesting." Looking up at Lea who was still standing there looking at him in confusion, he shrugged. "Looks like I'm making a trip to town."

"We are making a trip."

The two spun towards the sound of a voice behind them. Myrine stood in the door way behind them.
"Uh....we?" Thomas asked, surprised by her sudden appearance.
"Yes my young student, we. Do not think that you can simply do as you wish while I am your teacher. Get whatever vehicle you prefer ready. I will get young Evilian." She turned and headed towards the training grounds.
"Right. Sure." Thomas said, shrugging. "Car or van? Which do you think would be better?" He asked Lea.

---Myrine ---
Myrine headed towards the training grounds, a frown on her face. Moments like this were crucial for many reasons. How young Evilian responded would shape her as a warrior. And how Myrine handled it would shape how well Jemma would react to her teachings.
She arrived there to see Jemma waiting, clearly agitated. She approached and stood in front of her, watching her for a long moment before speaking.
"Well, young one. You have tasted what it truly means to be a warrior, to be part of this world. There are many paths forward from here.
You can run away. None would fault you.
You can swear vengeance on your foes. Many have in the past.
Or you can seek strength such that none would dare harm those you care for.
Perhaps you could seek a path different than any of those. The choice is yours, and I will not ask which you choose. But if you wish for my help in whichever path, speak so that I may know. "
She looked the young girl in the eye. Myrine knew nothing of the girl's past. At this moment, it wasn't relevant. Her choice, here and now, was what mattered.

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