Memorial - 7 Dec 2015 - Czech Forest

--Ragnar / Kaylara --

An hour later, Ragnar reentered the tent with the others. "All is ready, if you are up for it. If not, rest."
Kaylara stood and shrugged. "I am fine. Mishka is still sleeping. Luke?"
Shaking his head, Luke replied, "No. I'll stay here."
"I understand. I'll send some food." Ragnar nodded, looking at the two young ones. He took Kaylara's hand. "Let us go then, and honor our comrade."
The two headed out of that tent and towards another.
"You know, for being in the middle of nowhere in Czech, there are a lot of Hunters here." Kaylara said lightly as they entered the tent. There were about 50 people inside, as well as tables full of food and drink. Chairs were everywhere providing seating. At the head of the largest table there were three larger chairs, one for each - Ragnar, Kaylara, and Erin.
Erin was already seated at hers. As the two approached, the quiet talking stopped.
Kaylara spoke, her voice clear and ringing.
"Friends, brothers and sisters, comrades. Today, we gather to both celebrate, and to mourn.
We mourn the loss of an ally, of a good man.
The laughter and joy he brought among us is no more.
The knowledge and stories he had yet to tell are lost.
We are all the poorer for his loss."
She took a breath, looking around at the faces of the crowd. They were somber, solemn as her words sunk in.
"Yet we are here to celebrate as well!"
Her voice rose here, cutting through the heavy atmosphere, before returning to normal volume.
"We are here to celebrate that laughter and joy.
To remember the stories he had told.
To remember the stories he was a part of.
And his courage and sacrifice.
You see, Callum Thorne fell fighting alongside his sister against a horde of demons and against a powerful rouge Druid. Few could stand against such foes as they did, yet neither hesitated.
Tonight, we honor that courage.
We honor that sacrifice.

The shout from the Hunters was enough to shake the sky.
The chant continued for a full minute, honoring both Callum and Erin.
After that time, Kaylara raised her hand to silence them, and bowed towards Erin so she could speak if she wished.

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