Meeting Strangers - 7 Dec 2015 - Harper's Ferry, WV, USA

--Thomas --
Thomas looked at the others in the car as he drove towards town. He wasn't sure how they were going to find this strange visitor, but with the four of them, they should manage.
Of course, he thought, looking at the girls again, we do stand out a bit.
The mana given off by Lea and Jemma would alert most magicians. And Myrine was allowing her's to leak as well, which was mildly scary. Aki had come along as well, but he didn't seem like he intended to move from the top of dashboard anytime soon.
"Well, I guess we can grab a snack and wait. He'll definitely find us sooner or later. I'd rather pick the spot." Thomas said as he pulled into a small diner. It was a small mom-and-pop place frequented by Hunters. They had left numerous layers of protections, hidden until needed.
"A wise choice," Myrine said as they climbed out of the car and walked inside. "Normally I would advise sitting separately so we can't be targeted at once, but I think we all are fairly noticeable." She smiled and pointed to a table at the side. "That one. Care to guess why?"
Figuring this was a way for her to get some of the interrupted teaching in, Thomas looked around. "You can see all the doorways and it's hard to see the occupants of the table?"
"You sound unsure."
"No, I'm sure."
"Good. By the way, I would like tea. Sweet. Girls, what would you like our boy here to get you?"
Thomas sighed, hoping the stranger would show up soon.

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