Raid : New Target - 18 Dec 15

"Barring that, you should have tried to contact me ages ago. I would have helped you then and avoided all this trouble. " Kaylara replied with a wry grin.
They were all well aware that hindsight was 20/20 and blaming themselves for mistakes was pointless.
"I suppose all we can do is ensure the conflict ends now so another generation will not have to fight it as well."

Ragnar suddenly stood up. He reached over and grabbed one of the various maps lying around.
"Check this out." He said, pointing at one of the Mark's indicating a Syndikat hideout. "All the attacks were within a 20 mile radius of here. Not to mention, all of them took place within a short time period. My guess is this is one of their major staging areas near here." He grabbed another stack of papers. "All our reports indicated that it's a depot, but we assumed they would launch attacks from elsewhere. But these," he shook the reports again, "these show a lot of movement right around the time of the attacks."
Kaylara looked at the map for a moment. "So, you're saying we need to hit there? That will cripple them in this area?"
Ragnar nodded. "Hopefully. Or at least set them back a great deal."
"Well, Erin, feel like having some fun? It's not fair if only the young ones get to play." Kaylara asked with a smile.

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