Raid II - 19 Dec 15

Ragnar pulled into a small parking lot close to their goal.
This target was more heavily defended so advancing carelessly was a bad idea.
Of course, he thought, looking at Erin and Kaylara who were climbing out of the vehicle, I doubt there's much to worry about.
He climbed out himself and popped the trunk of the car open.
Rummaging around for a moment, he pulled out the weapon he had been looking for.
"Here it is." He said, moderately proud that he managed to find it.
"Yes, Kay?"
".....Is that a -?"
"M32 Rotary Grenade Launcher, yes." Ragnar replied smugly. It had taken quite a bit of work to obtain it and he was quite proud of it.
Kaylara shook her head. It was pointless to try and dissuade him so she didn't bother. "So our target is that house?"
Nodding, Ragnar carefully loaded his weapon. "Yeah. Fortunately, it's an old estate with quite a bit of acreage. They put up a barrier, so once we're in, we can go wild without worrying about taking out the whole neighborhood."
They approached cautiously but no guards or alarms went off as they reached the barrier.
Kaylara placed her hand on the barrier.
Slør væggen foran mig.
A massive ripple spread across it, visible to anyone, even if they lacked the ability to see mana.
"Oops. Too strong." Kaylara muttered. "Quickly. Go through before it rights itself."
The thres Immortals hopped through and the barrier righted itself.
Suddenly a voice roared out from the direction of the house.

"Well, looks like they were expecting us. Though, maybe not us." Ragnar said with a smile.

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